Firefox Announced To Support Windows Vista And XP Only Till Sept 2017

So, Firefox, one of the best browsers for computers will support Vista and XP for a short time now. After September, you cannot use it on Windows XP and Vista. Well, not only Firefox, a lot of web browsers are not supporting Windows Vista and XP. From the next year 2017, Mozilla will start to shift the users on the operating system to the Extended Support Release in March 2017. And this will limit the users to the Mozilla Firefox feature updates.

The company will declare a final support date in the middle of Next Year. And it will completely cut the cord in September 2017. After that time, it will stop offering the security updates. So it will become a potentially vulnerable browser. And since it is not secured, it is suggested not to use this browser in Windows Vista and XP after September 2017.

Upgrade required for Firefox

Now this does not mean that Firefox will not be usable on XP or Vista, But it only means that Firefox will no more remain a secured web browser as it is till now. You just cannot avoid or ignore the security flaws. And especially in such a time when we make monetary transactions through internet. We just cannot use an unsecured browser. It will be impractical if we still keep using Firefox even after such declaration after September 2017.

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Well, there are not a lot of people who run a ten-year-old operating system and care enough about the web experience for using a recent browser. And this is why the impact is going to be limited. This is an issue if you have to work on a PC that is not upgraded to the latest Windows. At least Windows 7 will do the job for you.

So it is better to update the PC to the latest Windows 8.1 or 10. If you want to experience the new and updated Firefox, you have to upgrade your PC to the most recent windows.

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