First Internet-Connected Car To Be Unveiled By Alibaba In April

The largest e-commerce company of China, Alibaba is all set for unveiling the 1st internet-connected smart car in the month of April, reported our sources.

As per Wang Jian, the Chief Technology Officer of the company, Internet Character is an excellent technological innovation. They would unveil further details of this SUV in the month of April at a launch event.

Eco-Friendly Alibaba

This car is an energy saving one and its battery will retain 80% of the storage capacity after it retains 160,000km. These cars adopt technologies which include automatic control, artificial intelligence, telecommunication, information fusion, advanced sensor, and computer.

This car is jointly developed by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and Alibaba and has a smart operation system having intellectual rights. Independent development plays a major role when it comes to a process for transformation of an ordinary car to an internet one.

For fulfilling this task, Alibaba arranged around 800 researchers for this project, and it invested billions of dollars for this.

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Internet of Things

Wang further added that with this car would promote people to car communication. Also, it will help expand but even car-to-infrastructure, car-to-road and car-to-car communication.

They will introduce a car-based operating system to do this which might very well become the norm in future. More and more countries are adopting smart vehicles. Recently Dubai sanctioned an automated chopper to reduce the load on traffic. Meanwhile, India might soon introduce Hyperloop One in Chennai.

The internet of things was restricted to only smart home appliances, but now it will also extend to our vehicles. Within the next couple of decades, the internet will control half of our daily vehicles and usable items. Are we moving towards an automated future? Experts think so. Read more about this here.

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