Fitbit Alta HR Activity Tracker Update Will Track Your Heart Beat Rate

Fitbit devices used to encourage people to walk for 10000 steps every day. Now, it will track the heart rate as well. The Fitbit Alta HR activity tracker will measure your heart rate from now. It is not a new product, but a new product update. The device adds heart rate sensors to the bracelet like activity tracker.

As we all know the Fitbit Alta is one of the most stylish trackers available. It has got tap sensitive OLED display, and it comes with a battery backup of 5 days. It not only tracks the steps, but it also tracks the sleep. Then it gives notification in the smartphone. Now, the Fitbit Alta HR will monitor the heart rate.

What’s new in Fitbit Alta HR?

It is the fourth Fitbit product. The previous versions Fitbit Charge, Blaze and Surge also have them. The company developed Alta HR version for a year. The focus of the company was to shrink the gadget to so small to fit into your palms. It comes in the shape of a tiny wristband, and this device is 25% smaller than the Fitbit Charge 2.

The company also claims this Fitbit Alta HR version will last for seven days on a single charge. The company is trying to bring in more customers with the detailed sleep tracking data. These wristbands automatically tracked sleep for the last two years. They can record billions of sleeping hours, but it shows only how much time you have slept.

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So what’s the update? The update will take the motion data along with heart rate to show the users their light, deep and REM sleep stages. The new Fitbit Alta HR will cost $150. It is $20 more than the previous version of Fitbit Alta. The product will come in early April. The company will also keep on selling the previous version of Fitbit Alta as well.

The new Fitbit Alta HR is coming during a problematic time for Fitbit. The company didn’t have a solid quarter earnings. The company also announced it would release 100 employees. Still, Fitbit is known as the market leader in health trackers.

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Accuracy issue

One major concern about these trackers is how accurate they are. Studies in the past revealed these trackers didn’t help people in losing weight. Fitbit was also hit with a class-action lawsuit in which the customer accused Fitbit showed inaccurate heart tracking.

The lawsuit is still pending. While Fitbit says, their tech meets the industry standards with an error of less than 6%. But the good news is, people like to buy Fitbit products as long as they are new or updated. More than 70% of the company’s revenue in 2016 came from the wearable and tech gadgets.

Is it a new one?

Frankly speaking, this Fitbit Alta HR is not a new one. The form factor is a bit old. The design was from the same wristband of Xiaomi last year. One more factor is other companies like Garmin and Xiaomi are preparing the activity tracking wristbands. Another company called Jawbone also created sleep tracking for an extended period. So what makes Fitbit Alta HR so unique that they can hope it will sell?

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Fitbit could miniaturize the heart sensor technology. It is small enough to fit into the wristband. Right now Fitbit is preparing a smart watch which will support a lot of apps. The company is also exploring non-wrist based gadgets. According to the R&D director of Fitbit, the small and shrinking chip will also offer room for additional health sensors.

Fitbit will start taking orders from 13th March. The existing Fitbit gadgets like Charge 2 and Blaze will get the sleep feature with software updates. One of the major competitors of Fitbit, the Apple watch doesn’t come with the sleep tracking facility. The reason is, it needs a night recharge. All the Fitbit gadgets will offer recommendations through the Fitbit app. Fitbit will suggest whether you are getting enough sleep at night or getting enough workouts in a week. The company is looking to make personalized advice and guidelines.

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