Fitbit Alta HR Review: Best Sleep Tracker Yet?

Fitbit is trying to capture a larger share of the market with new features. The new Fitbit Alta HR, launched at $150, proves that. As we predicted, Fitbit is getting more intuitive. But for now this new feature is restricted to only the sleep cycle. Want to know if it is any good? Read on!

Fitbit Alta HR: Design

This version has the same thickness as the first Alta. But it is about 25% slimmer in design than Charge 2. In fact, Fitbit claims that Alta HR is the slimmest of all their wristbands so far. Initially, Charge 2 was their thinnest, but they have shrunk the hardware to make it fit into Alta HR.

Alta HR resembles Alta in many ways. It has a rectangular OLED display which you can tap to view various activities. It is available in three sizes large, small and extra-large. The fasteners fit snugly to get an accurate pulse reading. There are two watch-like security buckles to keep it in place. Once again, there are a lot of colors Fitbit Alta HR comes with.

Fitbit Alta HR: Features and battery

Fitbit has cleverly launched this device with fewer features than Charge 2. It ensures the product doesn’t go out of the market. So a lot of features like ConnectedGPS for running, guided breathing, workout recording and VO2 Max tracking are absent in this device.

The company claims that Alta HR will consume less battery because of its smaller size. Fitbit also says that Alta HR will run for seven days with a single round of complete charge. Of course, this is even after keeping it on for days and nights and tracking sleep and wake up cycles.

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Fitbit Alta HR: Fitness tracking

The best thing about fitness tracking is the sleep tracking in this Fitbit. Alta HR’s USP is the detailed sleep tracking. Most trackers check the accelerometer and assumes that you moved too much. So you didn’t sleep very well. But a movement is not the singular best indicator of good sleep. Movement along with heart rate allows accurate sleep tracking. Alta HR is still not the perfect one – but it shows you REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep and wake up cycle. So it is more detailed and better than the others in the market.

But the cherry on top is the analysis of sleep. It is taking into account the relation between exercises and sleep patterns. It also creates a sleep schedule which is helpful.

Fitbit Alta HR: Verdict

Alta HR has some features of Alta but not all. It could be an excellent addition in your case if you were looking for a good sleep monitor. Alta HR is definitely more intuitive than its predecessor. This gives it an edge over not only Fitbit’s products but also over other fitness trackers in the market.

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