Fitbit Watch Leaked Images Indicate A Better Design

We thought Apple would bring out the next-gen smartwatch, but this time it is Fitbit Watch that might take the lead. Fitbit is looking to go out ahead to bring the new upscale device which will come before the Apple Watch. The series of leaked device came up in the Yahoo Finance Website. The leaked images show a brand new golden colored device. The design is not clear yet. But it has got sharp edges, square buttons on the side. This is what makes it look a bit different from the Apple Watches.

Price and specs of Fitbit Watch

The previous version of Fitbit Watch was not water resistant. In the new one, you will get GPS chip, a heart rate monitor and also touchless payment features. The new version of Fitbit Watch seems to be an improved one. Still, one important addition is missing, and it is not waterproof. The codename of this watch is Higgs, and it will cost around $300.

According to a representative of the company, “We know there is a lot of interest in our entry into the smartwatch category. We don’t have news to share at this time”. The watch will get an aluminum unibody design with a display brightness of 1000 nits. It might also come up with wireless payments.

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Fitbit Watch Leak Image Fitbit Watch Leak Image Fitbit Watch Leak Image

The unique features

There are two unique features of Fitbit Watch. One is the ability to cache and also play music from the Pandora. The Pandora launched the premium on-demand service along with a full day battery. The Apple Watch runs for a day or sometimes less than a day even. It resembles the Apple’s BeatsX headphones which will wrap around the neck.

You will get it in two colors; one is the nightfall blue and the lunar gray. The smartwatch will also come with software that matches with the UI on the Blaze. If Fitbit can improve the software part, it can become famous because the last version was likable, but it had some software glitches. Now, the question that remains is, whether the Fitbit Watch will be more popular than the Apple watch? Let’s wait and watch!

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