FleAffair: The First Online Flea Market

Shopping at a Flea Market always brings with it the lure of great discounts and the hunt for real treasures. For a concept of a flea market to have regular takers is something very apt for a country like India because of the sheer vastness of cultures and skills present in it. Soon after that, FleAffair was born.

From every nook and corner of this country, comes an artist who has mastered a certain skill and offers something unique to the buyers. Now the internet has indeed helped in shrinking the world and getting this skillful seller, buyers at his very doorstep. In enabling this transaction, FleAffair pioneered the space by being the first online portal to form a bridge between vendors and customers. By acting as a medium of delivery, FleAffair is empowering small and big vendors to showcase their products and reach people who they were otherwise unable to. Physical marketplaces do have their restrictions. FleAffair offers products at affordable prices and eliminates the fear of getting underpaid for the product’s actual value.

The year was 2014 when Amit Khullar (co-founder) accompanied by Mohit Khullar ( co-founder) went to Delhi Haat to indulge in some authentic flea flavor. Little did he knew what he was about to experience will change the face of flea shopping in India forever.

Scouting for different products from different vendors created an epiphany in the duo’s mind. What if one get’s all of this authentic craftsmanship under one roof? Wouldn’t it be easy and straightforward if one could get the goodness delivered at their doorstep! Hence FleAffair was born.

The seed of an e-commerce platform was shown in Amit’s mind who saw a huge gap in the way flea markets were catering to customers’ demands. He has a vast experience spanning over 20+ years of IT and Software Industry. He was eager to create an end to end online portal connecting talented artisans and craftsmen with the audiences they deserve.

Fast Forward to today, FleAffair has emerged as India’s premier online shopping website catering to the niche segment of ‘flea’ products and bridging the gap between indigenous craftsmanship and customers. In merely two years, FleAffair has grown by leaps and bounds and boasts of 1000+ trusted vendors across India showcasing a different collection of 50000+ unique products.

“We are committed to helping our customers feel the best version of themselves” notes Amit Khullar, co-founder of FleAffair. He takes pride in presenting India’s unique talent. He believes that our rich cultural heritage deserves a complete overhaul regarding commerce. FleAffair has chosen the unchartered territory where no Indian brand has managed to venture into before.

With 50+ orders on a daily basis and a combined reach of more than 18000+ pin codes in India. FleAffair has managed to carve a niche for itself amongst a sea full of online players. FleAffair is not just catering to India market. But Global Customers as well and has an 80-20 ratio of the orders received. With ‘Make in India’ at the helm of government’s initiative to give a boost to indigenous artisans. It’s only a matter of time, and we will see further growth in flea markets”.

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He makes a practical point here; the timing couldn’t have been better for FleAffair who now has their reach in international countries. We are looking to add value based products like apparel, jewellery, home décor and other unique handicrafts.

India is a treasure trove when it comes to arts and crafts. A melting pot of many cultures and traditions – our country boasts of exceptional talent and craftsmanship in every nook and corner. FleAffair has already disrupted the industry with their varied collection of products sourced from across India combined with an efficient and trusted platform to meet the growing needs of an Indian consumer.

“The biggest challenge since the inception of our idea has been technology” Amit states in his usual relaxed demeanor.

“We have always been pushing boundaries to help people accept technology. We give them an opportunity to bring their art and talent to the forefront of e-commerce revolution in India. In addition to providing great products that make our customers smile, we also aim to change the way society looks at local craftsmen and artisans.”

Although such tall claims take time. The growth story of FleAffair has proved that they are already on the path to realizing their vision. With a very low return ratio of 3%, FleAffair has managed to achieve considerable traction in a short span of two learning filled years. It is indeed vital to help build the community of artisans and talented locals in our country. And with the right mix of talent and persistence, FleAffair aims to achieve the same.

“What Flea Markets don’t offer is consistency and strict quality. We strive to make a synergy between these two and offer delightful products by curating them. We also provide them at best prices to keep our customers and our vendors a happy bunch” states Amit. He looks confident about the impact his brand has created. Now we want to delve deeper into the art and craft scene of flea markets in India.

“We can’t do this alone, and we would need our society’s contribution to help the cause. We believe fashion and art are for everybody” states Amit.

If you too are a patron of local art and want to wear ‘anything but usual.’ Do check out the bespoke range of authentic Indian products and take the stress out of shopping. It is our constant endeavor to add newer categories and expand our range. Our team is getting deeper into the market. We dig out deals that appeal to a wide variety of our website visitors. The feedback from our customers is vital too. It helps us to improve our offering to the best standards possible. Flea Affair promises to be that one-stop shop where the excitement of finding the unique remains intact at prices that aren’t too heavy on the pockets.

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  1. I absolutely do agree with the fact that Flea Markets (unfortunately) don’t offer is consistency and strict quality. This explains why online flea market platforms are a great alternative to brick-and-mortal garage sales: they save you time, and a trip to a flea which might not be worth it. Even though I believe “real” flea markets are here to stay, flea market apps like some of those listed here will increase their dent in this market.

    And for flea market enthusiasts interested in the real deal (waking up at dawn, rummaging with a flashlight, haggling with merchants and drinking cheap coffee on site), here is a great resource featuring the world’s best 300 flea markets (not one more) Something like the “300 flea markets to see before you die” 😉

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