Flipkart SmartBuy Offers Self-Branded Accessories

On Monday, Flipkart announced that Flipkart SmartBuy is offering “exclusive range of quality everyday products.” The prices are better than retails stores and with Flipkart warranty, you can be sure about the quality. At present, the Flipkart SmartBuy is offering a small section of self-branded chargers, data cables, and micro-USBs. Flipkart notified its users with an email about the Flipkart SmartBuy offers. In the email, Flipkart also mentioned about the Bluetooth speakers and headphones. But right now the Bluetooth and headphones are not available in SmartBuy stores yet. This offer is pretty identical to Amazon Basics where Amazon offers its self-branded products. Those also include headphones, speakers, bags, and sleeves.

Other personal brands of Flipkart

At present, there are not too many items on Flipkart SmartBuy. But you will get the Micro-USB cables at much lesser price than Amazon. It is one of the most important aspects of Flipkart SmartBuy. Both Amazon and Flipkart’s cables are durable. So we are hoping that they will perform the same as they are described in sites. And this is why you can be sure about the quality of the product at a lower price. In recent years, Flipkart focused on building up some private labels even before the Flipkart SmartBuy. Two years ago, Flipkart launched its brand of home appliances and personal healthcare brand. It was called the Citron. It also has the brand called ‘Flippd’ in the apparel section and the DigiFlip is the consumer electronics brand.

Price range of products available in Flipkart SmartBuy

Both the DigiFlip and Flipkart SmartBuy seems to similar to each other. But it also offers some electronics accessories like power banks, speakers for laptops and also laptop bags. If you have a look at the emails that Flipkart sent, the bigger electronic accessories will soon become a part of SmartBuy. And one of the reasons could be because DigiFlip is not active anymore. At present the accessories available at Flipkart SmartBuy is between the price range Rs 199-399. The SmartBuy will further expand to 25-30 more categories. These will also include more personal grooming accessories and home plastic products.

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Here is what head of private brands of Flipkart says

According to Adarsh Menon, the head of private brands for Flipkart said, “We are looking to address gaps in these categories. In areas where there aren’t many established brands, we expect our private labels to account for 70% of the sales in those spaces. And where big brands dominate, we hope to gain at least a 15% share with our private label“. Menon also added that the products would be sourced from third party manufacturers in India, Malaysia, and China. Apart from Flipkart SmartBuy, Flipkart will also launch a second brand by March. It will include retail furniture, the small appliances, home decors, and furnishings. According to a lot of people, this latest move is identical to that of Amazon. The reason is Amazon is also planning to launch the private brand of fashion, home and kitchen segments.

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