You Will Get A Bunch Of Free Apple Apps From Now

It is true that Apple is always up to something new. Previously you needed to make jailbreak to get the cracked applications for free. Now, the company itself will bring you a bunch of free Apple apps. Apple is planning to make some of the applications like Garageband, iWork and iMovie app free for users.

It is true that some of the Mac and iOS users were getting these applications for free, but a lot of users who still use old handsets; they have to pay a premium price for it. If you were not using the new hardware, you had to pay an amount of $19.99 per iWork and $9.99 per iOS app.

Free Apple apps even for old Apple devices/iOS/Mac

The iWork is an array of applications that is identical to the Microsoft Office for Windows. The app includes Pages, just like Microsoft Word. It has Numbers just like Excel and Keynote, just like PPT. These applications are always in sync across different devices, be it an iPhone, iPad or Mac PC.

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You could easily access the documents through iCloud. In 2013, Apple made all the applications free. But for those who used older versions of iOS, they had to pay $4.99 for the Garageband and the iMovie app. For MacOS, you would get the iMovie app at a price of $14.99.

Now, you will get all the updated applications on Mac App store and App Store for free. For the users who bought Apple devices before 2013, for them, it will be the same as they are already getting the free Apple apps. But for those who are using the older devices, they will get the free Apple apps.

Recently, Apple updated the iWork app with the Touch ID. It will enable you to protect all the documents and files. It has got updated Number, Pages and Keynote apps which come with more editing features. With the free Apple apps available to users, the company is increasing the reach of Apple apps suite.

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