Gamedoora’s Gamefest 2016 – Game Lovers Carnival


Can you recall your childhood and the stupid things you did innocently and smiled after playing with mama even after breaking things? These golden memories create a most beautiful curve on our face. But can you remember the famous little man wearing red trouser jumping all around the TV screen, defeating treacherous Dragon valiantly and rescuing the queen heroically? Can you remember our most beloved MARIO, which was worshiped by every kid and teenagers back in 90’s? So we can know that gaming is not new in INDIA but also does not have a long history. Since gaming as a culture was a concept which was alien to India. But the potential market for gaming has been emerging over time.

Furthermore, its growing popularity can be attributed to the new Digital Generation. The industry which had just about 25 companies during 90’s has exponentially grown to more than 250 game developers today, and the growth is increasing. You can say that we are progressing towards a Gaming Boom.


Now as you know that numerous startups are working hard to make good games and the game fans are having a good time with all sorts of new high graphic featured games. But to all Game lovers (Game designers, artists, programmers) if we say a special bonanza in the gaming world is waiting for you! Then won’t you want to grab it? If you want to catch then optimize yourself with all your zeal you have, because Gamedoora in conjunction with The Mentorpreneurs, is organizing the first of its kind Gamefest 2016 In India.


Gamedoora’s four founders are Devang Parikh, Chirag Shah, Ravish Mody and Ravi Dave. This is an exclusive game and animation platform designed for every creative person involved in the production pipeline such as Programmers, Animators, Developers, Writers, Musicians, and Designers.


GAMEDOORA is built to regenerate the game production pipeline and to provide passionate and creative fanatics to create great new content/games with their community in an open source landscape. GAMEFEST concept developed to gather creative people for the purpose of designing and creating their own games or an animated short film within a short span of time. So, Creative people are made up of programmers, game designers, and others in development-related fields.


The participants in their group or individually they need to develop a short game (using any engine) that can train or showcase in one of the following topics:

Gamedoora Gamefest Theme

Gamedoora Gamefest Theme

1- Startup Mentoring
2- Sports & Fitness
3- Education
4- Defense
5- Healthcare
6- Agriculture
7- Finance
8- Build your Theme


1) The organizing team would announce the topics. Entries would be invited Pan India for the same. The studio should join Gamedoora and create their teams or individually start working on the ideas.

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2) Once the projects are completed their esteemed jury panel of experts would shortlist the finalist. The finalist of the competition would be then mentored by TMP to pitch at the grand final in Mumbai.

3) Catapooolt would further support three the winner of the Gamefest for crowdfunding and raising initial funds.


Gamedoora Gamefest Dates

Gamedoora Gamefest Dates


Teams participating in the Gamefest have to use Gamedoora Platform to build their Project. They will have to produce a concept document of the idea that they have in mind to develop under any of the themes listed above. A design document describes the general idea of the game.

This report also explains the game plan, refines some initial concepts of the project, and makes sure that teams are clear about the primary objectives before they start.

In your concept document, you should have the following key points:
1) High-level Concept: This is a single line that explains your project. This can be theme based or gameplay related.
For example:
Game – This game is about how fat storage affects the body’s’ capabilities.
Animation Short – The Film is about how fat storage affects the body’s capabilities.

2) Story and Background: This is where you can expand on the history of the project, and elaborate on the narrative around which the idea is built.

3. Game Play Overview: A one paragraph description of the game, which could be somewhat story oriented. In this section, they will talk about what the player does. They will describe the actions (mechanics) that you know will be in the game using verbs. For example, if Players will have to explore the stomach cavity and find tools that will help them to reduce the stored body fat.

4. Key Features: A bullet point list of what the player can expect. Once the concept document is ready, they have three weeks to develop the short game to a finished version, which will be going to the jury to the short list for the final round.

The shortlisted teams would then be mentored by TMP for one week for being prepared to pitch in front of Investors at the Grand Final.

This contest is one of its kind and can give a boost to you with not only fund but also from its tremendous experience you will gain there. So, get pumped up with all your zeal to showcase yourself and your abilities in this delightful contest.

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