Claims Not Goodenough? Future Of Lithium-Ion Battery Baffle Scientists

It seems like Goodenough has once again created history. He has described in a new paper along with three co-authors that he has the solution to store more energy. Precisely five to ten times more energy than the standard Lithium-ion battery, we are talking about.

Lithium-Ion Battery Future

Leading battery researchers are skeptical about this new claim. But Goodenough is always known to be mystical. He devised the lithium-ion cobalt battery in 1980 which was released by Sony in 1991. He has given us the basis for technologies like hoverboards, fitness trackers, cell phones and what not. Although this much was greatly appreciated and his work was known as pathbreaking, his current inventions raised many eyebrows.

According to researchers, for his current claims to work, the laws of thermodynamics need to be ditched. For over a century this law has ruled the working of batteries. Goodenough’s claims seem self-contradictory. But his new paper has got even Eric Schmidt tweeting.

Scientists’ Tough Time Understanding

Researchers are now looking to understand his theories. He has paved a new way to recharge. Perhaps there is something in his new method. But apart from his team, no other scientist can understand what it is and how it works exactly. Some even went on to say that if anyone but Goodenough published this, they would find it “hard to find a polite word” for them.

While Goodenough did not respond to any of the emails, but a statement released by the University of Texas said –
[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We believe our discovery solves many of the problems that are inherent in today’s batteries. Cost, safety, energy density, rates of charge and discharge and cycle life are critical for battery-driven cars to be more widely adopted.[/quotes]
Helena Braga, the lead author of the paper, claimed that the team’s claims are very much valid.

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Goodenough is known as the father of Lithium-ion batteries. He is the man who has invented the key to the battery that is powering the device you hold in your hand. If anyone were to reform his already established expertise, it would be him.

It is true that since 1980 they have come time and time again with new discoveries that confirmed their genius. Probably this is why the scientists’ community is taking their claims seriously, even though they cannot put the finger on it yet.

Working with the battery

Still one of the key areas for batteries is that they are a part of a device. The cheaper the batteries are, the cheaper the device for the end user. Goodenough and his team published a paper on how they figured out how to use electrode—an anode—made of pure lithium or sodium metal. This was huge.

Goodenough also claimed that this gives a ten times improvement in the energy density as well. What’s more? Cheap sodium and sulfur is all you need to accomplish this. This means finally the energy density and the price range match one another. Mainstream cars could make use of this system.

But Goodenough’s battery has pure metal lithium or sodium on both sides. There is no chance that it produced any energy. The voltage too should be zero. This is because different material provides different electrochemical reactions. Some professors are now wondering if some oxygen accidentally leaked into the cell causing this reaction. It would also explain the energy burst.

Braga, however, has refuted these claims saying, “Well if we have a Lithium-air battery then we have a very good Lithium-air battery.” Experts now have no qualms that this system works, but they are wondering how and why it worked. This why might change the way we perceive thermodynamics.

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