Google Admits Miscalculating Data Usage On Google WiFi Apps And Routers

Now, this is one hell of a shocking news for a lot of people! Google is one of the most trusted organizations. We trust Google more than any other organizations for any new gadgets or technology. Google finally admits that the Google WiFi app was miscalculating the data usage.

The miscalculation happens when you connect OnHub routers to the Google WiFi router on a mesh network. The data usage, calculated by Google’s WiFi app remains off according to the usage reported by an ISP. Finally, Google admitted that the company is now aware of the issue and they are going to find a fix for it.

Drastic data difference by Google WiFi apps

According to the reports of Android Police, Artem Russavoskii discovered this issue. He said that his OnHub traffic stats were hugely different than the actual data reported by his ISP. The OnHub router reported data stats as 4TB, while the data reported by his ISP was 1.4TB. It is a significant difference, and you just cannot ignore such difference. Google made a statement regarding this issue.

The company said to Android Police:
[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]After speaking with a specialist it looks like this is a known issue, and we are currently working on a fix. Once this has been resolved, we will reach out to you via email with more details on the resolution[/quotes]

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For those who are not aware of this issue, the Google OnHub router launched first in 2015. The router works on the Google WiFi mesh network.

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Google didn’t offer a timeline for solution

One thing we didn’t find comforting was, Google didn’t provide any timeline to fix this issue. In our last article, you can have a look at the complete details of the Google WiFi router. Initially, this issue was not there. The problem started recently. The data miscalculation issue is complicated, but till it is fixed, the users cannot trust or use the Google WiFi routers. We are waiting to check when the company finally comes with a solution for this data miscalculation problem.

Some are of the opinion that the solution will come in the form of an update for the Google WiFi app, OnHub routers or both. With the launch of Google WiFi routers, the company claimed that users could prioritize a device. They can get the fastest internet speeds for a particular device to work on data-intensive activities like streaming movies or downloading large files.

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