Google releases Android 7.1.1 Developer Preview

Google has released the developer preview of its, Android 7.1.1 Nougat for the Nexus 6P, 5X, Pixel C. We’re gonna take a closer look at the brand new features of android 7.1.1

Android 7.1 arrived on the Google pixel phones but they’ll have a few features which no other phones will be getting. Let’s see what features are filtered down on the Older devices.

What’s new?

The most exciting feature in the developer preview is the presence of launcher shortcuts which are also found in the pixel devices. You just need to long press on an app icon to get a contextual menu of the quick shortcuts. You can also add a shortcut to your home screen by long pressing the item in the contextual menu. Right now it’s only for Google apps and Evernote being the first third party app to support launcher shortcuts.

We can now add 6 quick toggles instead of 5 in the notification shade.

Finally, the power off menu has been blessed with a Restart option.

The settings menu has two tabs now. One being the regular list of menus as found in 7.0 and a new Support tab where you can have a live chat with a google executive or request a phone call at any time of the day to get assistance with your Nexus device or Android 7.1

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Smart storage is now present in storage menu. This is basically the automated version of the same option found in the google photos app.

There’s a new section in the settings menu called ‘moves’. It has a few gesture shortcuts like the double press to launch the camera, flip to switch between front and rear cameras and raise the phone to check notifications.

What remained the same?

There’s still the same old Google now launcher. The pixel launcher didn’t make its way to the nexus devices as expected.

There’re no fingerprint scanner gestures for bringing down the notification shade.

Navigation buttons remained the same.

Long press on the home button doesn’t bring up the google assistant like on the Pixel devices. Instead, it brings up a screen search option which is the new name for ‘Google now on Tap’.

If you have a nexus 6P/ Nexus 5X or the Pixel C you can try the new features of Android 7.1.1. Go ahead and enroll your device at to get the OTA update.

If you still want to get most of the pixel exclusive features, you can go ahead root your nexus device and enjoy most of them like the pixel launcher and Google assistant.

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