Google Areo App Can Replace Most Apps In Your Phone

Well, the smartphones we use in today’s life are full with apps to perform different tasks. Some are for messaging, some for a camera, some for photo editing, while some apps for paying money, watching videos and whatnot. Have you ever thought, if you could have all the apps in one app then how easy it would become? This is exactly what Google Areo will bring.

Google Areo is a new app launched by Google which can do anything and everything for you starting from booking flight/movie tickets to ordering food, just name it. Google launched this app without too much hype and that’s why you may not have heard a lot about it. Google Areo is a one stop shop for all your needs.

How to use Google Areo?

According to Google Play Store, the Areo app will let you search restaurants, order home services, beauty appointments, painters, plumbers, everything. So how are you going to use the App? Here are the steps to download and use it.

First, you can download the Google Areo app from the Google Play Store. The screen will ask you to confirm the location.

Put your location and then tap on it to save your place. Now, you will come to know about the various services that this app offers. You will see different categories like beauty, food delivery, Home maintenance and much more. Choose whatever you have to.

Here comes one of the best features of the Google Areo. You can order from multiple categories in the same cart. Still, you can pay from the same cart for both the categories. For instance, you can book a flight ticket and order a dinner. You can pay for both the services together from Areo.

The app accepts payment in all methods like net banking, debit/credit card and cash on delivery. It has got a reviews section where you will be able to submit reviews and check out other people’s reviews.

The Google Areo app is already functional in two cities namely Bangalore and Mumbai. It has tied up with partners like UrbanClap for the home services and Faasos, Freshmenu and Box8 for the food delivery services. According to Google, Areo can offer thousands of services. At present, the app is not available for the iPhone or the Windows.

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The main features of this app are

You won’t have to download any other applications. So this keeps your phone clean and saves a lot of storage space.

Secondly, the checkout process is very simple. You won’t need to switch apps to make the payments.

The search function of this app can look for specified articles, food, individuals and much more. The app can filter food depending on vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and specific restaurants. It can also look for the local providers according to your specified time.

Impact of Google Areo on startups

It is true that Google is not directly competing with other companies or startups. But since you get the combination of almost every possible app, it might make you switch applications. So indirectly this is already a competition for a lot of startups and apps available for different tasks.

For instance, Tapzo was another application where you could use it for multitasking like booking tickets, paying bills and much more. It is highly likely that Tapzo will be affected by the presence of Google Areo. But we are not clear yet, how Google is going to make money through Areo. The commission and affiliate fees are the options at hand.

Service providers for Google Areo

Speaking of the service providers and executives, Google is not going to deploy its own delivery executives or home delivery professionals for fulfilling the orders. It will surely hit the Food delivery and home services companies. The Food delivery companies like Dazo, Spoonjoy, and Eatlo got closed. The home services companies like Taskbob and Doormint was also shut down. Google aggregated some of the existing startups instead of getting into a fulfillment of its own.

According to the analysts, the Areo may not be a direct competition to the end to end service providers, but it will definitely threaten aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato in the long run. If Google can build up a massive distribution, then the food delivery business of other startups and apps will have a huge impact. The question that remains is, whether the app strategy will work because mostly it integrates the services with Google search.

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