Google Assistant May Soon Use Voice Command For Online Payments

A string of code is found in the latest beta version. It confirmed Google Assistant would soon be more useful for us. Google Assistant will help the users to make payments through voice commands. It is finally confirmed. We already know how Google Assistant integrated with the third-party apps and services.

It expanded its reach of availability, and this is what makes GA so much successful. The use of voice commands to make payments is one more addition to the features offered by Google Assistant.

The Beta Google App code for Google Assistant payments

The code within Google App beta version 6.11.13 hinted that XDA developers are working on the Google Assistant payment methods. In the latest beta version of the Google App, different strings of code were found. It refers to payment settings options from Google Assistant. The lines include payment information like users’ information and phone number. One of the strings will allow the users to choose the credit card of their choice.

There are also options for different shipping address and billing address. Users can specify their devices linked with Google Assistant which will participate in the payment feature so that any accidental purchase is prevented.

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One of the code lines reads “You will soon be able to pay for things.” The XDA developers say that this feature is already partially installed in the apk file for payment interface. So there are chances that the feature is already installed in the app. Google is looking to make progress on the back end to launch this facility on all the Google Assistant users.

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Now your online shopping will become easy with just voice commands to pay for your items. The feature is similar to what is offered by Alexa. It is a welcome addition for the users. It will allow the Google digital assistant to compete better with Apple’s Siri, Cortana and Amazon Alexa.

GA will also have the keyboard input facility so that the users can ask the assistant by typing. One more prominent feature of it is the new Nvidia Shield Android TV streaming box. It is launched with a price tag of $200.

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