From Google To “The Bohri Kitchen” To Sell Mutton Samosas

Working at Google is a dream job for most of us but today we will be sharing a story of a person, who left his job at Google to start The Bohri Kitchen to sell samosas. Yes, it’s true

Developing the Idea

A brilliant student from the start, Munaf Kapadia the 28-year-old from Mumbai got his MBA from India. Soon after working for a few years in India, Munaf got an offer from Google. While working at Google, he thought of an idea of helping her mother to deliver her food to a much bigger community. Munaf is from Bohri community which is famous for “Thall”, a platter containing everything from Kaari Chawal, Gosht, Nargisi Kebabs, Mutton Samosas and many other delicious meals. Munaf decided to bring the brilliant and delicious food to the bigger community.

Starting “The Bohri Kitchen”

So, after quitting the job, Munaf shifted back home to start working on the idea of “The Bohri Kitchen”. This restaurant was started in 2014 as a weekend pop-up store only to keep her mom occupied. The used to invite the people through social media and email for a paid meal. Bohri Kitchen now has a delivery kitchen, making over 30 deliveries. Bohri Kitchen is now also providing the catering services in high-profile parties in & outside Mumbai. He started all this for his mother and believed that all the recognition he got for his brand was due to the mother factor. He runs his business with his mother who is also the brand face. Her mother cooks the food while Munaf do the branding and marketing.

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How to Get Their?

The Bohri Kitchen Invite
The Bohri Kitchen operates in Mumbai and it’s an invite only event. If you want to taste their delights, you have to get in touch with Munaf, asking for an invite ‘or’ exploit any mutual contact, if you have any. Bohri Kitchen operates every Saturday and Sunday. In case you find it difficult to get invitation, you can easily rely on their delivery or inviting them to cater an event for you.


Bohri Kitchen has gained so much popularity now that it is a favorite among Indian celebrities. Munaf Kapadia also featured in Forbes annual 30 Under 30 feature due to the remarkable success of The Bohri Kitchen. The Bohri Kitchen is currently making $75,000 annually and Munaf hopes the number will be increased this year more.

What Next For “Bohri Kitchen”?

Munaf is looking to start a 2nd kitchen closer to home from where here mother, Nafisa, can add variety to their existing menu and to have greater control. He is also looking to expand his business to other cities in the future.

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