Google Buys Kaggle, The Data Science Community To Offer Google Cloud Services

Cloud services are not a very new feature. Google is the one who that lagged behind when it comes to cloud services. Thus, Google acquired Kaggle. It is a data science community for offering Google cloud services. The amount is not disclosed yet. Kaggle was found in 2010. It is a company that searches, analyzes public data sets and develops machine learning models.

There are more than 800000 data experts’ use Kaggle for analyzing public data sets analyze and develop machine learning and data analytics. From the statement of Google, “Kaggle is the best place to search and analyze public datasets, build machine learning models and grow your data science expertise.”

How will Kaggle help Google Cloud services?

The company made this announcement during the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco. They didn’t disclose the terms of the acquisition. With so many data scientists for Google Apps or Google search engine on board, this will offer the company a scope to broaden the reach in AI community.

The acquisition will help Google cloud services to walk head to head with Amazon cloud computing. Another important aspect in which Kaggle can help Google is recruiting. Google must ensure it keeps hiring the best talents which specialize in deep learning if it competes with Pinterest.

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Chief scientist of Google Cloud AI says they need to lower the barriers of entry to AI. It is possible if they can make it available to the largest community of developers, enterprises, and users. If they can apply to their unique needs, then we can say the AI is available for all. Since Kaggle joined this mission, we can hope Google Cloud services will be more available.

Uniqueness of Google Cloud services

Kaggle CEO said, their team is going to remain together, and it will continue as a separate brand with an alliance to Google apps and Google search community. It is just the perfect opportunity for Google. Other tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are dominating the cloud computing market. So what will make Google Cloud services different? Google is focusing on the AI to understand a company’s data. And this feature will set Google AI apart.

In this model, the companies will pay Google to store data and then run the programs on their servers and tasks. Previously, this needed prohibitive capital investments for small businesses. The economic condition is excellent. The company invested $30 billion in building the cloud services. Kaggle will continue to support the diverse ecosystem of machine learning libraries and packages. They will support the ecosystem for both inside and outside the Google toolkit.

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