Google Celebrates International Women’s Day With Google Doodle

Yesterday (8th March) was one of the best days in the history of the world. Apart from the social media platforms bursting with women empowerment and women’s rights post, Google did something special for all the ladies/girls out there. Google Doodle honored the female pioneers all over the world who made their way to the top with their hard work and dedication.

It was the International Women’s Day. It was a special day for each and every women living in different places throughout the world. It’s a day to mark how important and valuable a woman can be in our lives. Sadly enough, it is celebrated on one single day.

The Google Doodle narrates a bedtime story of 13 remarkable women narrated by a grandmother to a little girl. The little girl then brings us to her imaginative version of the 13 ladies. So who are these 13 women? These women struggled hard through a various range of professions from different countries and

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The slideshow is a symbol of what women can achieve even under extreme hardships and negative circumstances. When such narrations come from tech giants like Google search engine, we can proudly say humanity is progressing. Among the 13 ladies, famous Indian dancer and choreographer Rukmini Devi was also present.

Here are the women represented in Google Doodle

The International Women’s Day started in 1908 when a group of women demanded their fair pay, a better working condition and also their right to vote. The protest began in New York. New York first held the official rally for International Women’s Day. After that, it spread to Denmark, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The Google doodle also features

Ida Wells-American Journalist

Frida Kahlo- Mexican activist and painter

Olga Skorokhodova- Soviet scientist and researcher

Sally Ride – the American Astronaut and the first woman in space

Lina Bo Bardi- Brazilian architect

Halet Cambel- Turkish archaeologist and the first Muslim to compete in the Olympics

Ada Lovelace- English mathematician and the first computer programmer in the world.

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