Google Chrome Gets Chrome QR Code And Barcode Scanner

So now Google will get its new Chrome QR code and barcode scanner. You can delete the barcode scanner app that you had in your iPhones. The update for Google Chrome came out today, and the mobile browser can do the work of the scanner app.

In-built scanning facility with Chrome QR code

The app offers you inbuilt scanning functionality. You can access it with 3D Touch on the app’s icon, or you can also opt for a search for QR in the spotlight. These shortcuts can only refer to QR code scanning; the Chrome QR and barcode scanner can also scan the traditional product barcode as well. When you are scanning traditional products, you will get to a Google search results page for that item. You can check prices, read the reviews and much more.

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Yes, it is true that QR codes are not hugely used today. And this is why the smartphone makers are not interested in integrating the QR code scanning functionality into the OS. The feature is not a big addition, just a tweak to the smartphone’s camera or the search facility. You will find the iPhone’s QR code in the Wallet app where it is used in scanning coupons, tickets and boarding pass. In this way, there are many ways where you can use the QR code. But in reality, we are not too much bothered to use QR code apps.

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Available only for iPhones till now

With the Chrome QR code feature, you can have a better barcode scanner without needing a separate app. The update is available now on iPhones, and it will soon come to the Android devices as well. Previously, the iOS devices didn’t support QR scanning facility in camera, and this is why we needed a separate QR scanning app. One of the best QR scanning apps was Scanbot. The QR code scanners are still in demand. They haven’t died completely. The reason is, certain applications like Whatsapp, Kik, Snapchat and Messenger have the facility of scanning QR codes. Also, Amazon is putting the QR codes on few of their packaging, in particular with the baby products range.

Google Chrome Barcode Scanner

How to use Chrome QR code?

To get access to the Chrome QR code feature, you have to press hard on the Chrome icon. It will activate the 3D touch facility on the app and let you have access to the shortcut of QR scanner. When the scanner is activated, it will show the rectangle and just focus on the QR box. It will automatically search the code in Google. Google recently announced that the source code for Chrome iOS is open and available for everyone.

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