Google Copyless Paste Is The New Trick For The Android Users

It started with Google Assistant. From that time onwards, Google is always looking to bring some new updates for its users. This time it is the Google copyless paste. Sounds interesting right? Yes, Google Chrome will offer you with the option of copyless paste. Google Chrome copyless feature will work in a unique way.

All you have to do is just look at the word that you want/typed. Close the app and then open another app, and it will be available in other apps too. Google is working on a feature which will make Chrome “think” of the word on which you were looking at. And the word will appear in other applications. The feature is called copyless paste.

How will Google copyless paste work?

The company has already prepared code documentation. According to Google, here is how the feature works.

Provide suggestions for text input, based on your recent context. For example, if you looked at a restaurant website and switched to the Maps app, the keyboard would offer the name of that restaurant as a suggestion to enter into the search bar. The data is indexed locally and never sent to the server. It’s disabled in incognito mode.

So, it is clear that this is not the same as copying a text from a certain article or line and then manually dropping it somewhere else. The feature sounds pretty useful. If you close the phone it won’t be erased from your phone either. According to Venture beats, if you are using Chrome Canary on your device, you can use the feature but you will not be able to see any changes. But the sad news is, this feature will not be available for the low-end devices. So chances are the devices with Android versions less than Nougat, may not see this feature.

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Not for incognito tabs

The Chrome Flags is also a way to enable or disable the functionality in Chrome. But it is not yet fully implemented, standardized or it might be a bit buggy. Google started to work on this feature in February and the copyless paste feature will arrive in next month. Reports also suggest that the Google copyless paste feature will not work when you are using the incognito tab. The reason is incognito tabs don’t store any data.

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