Google Daydream VR Review – Comfortable But With A Catch

“Daydream” – what an apt name for a VR headset! Finally, Google has unveiled its much awaited Daydream VR headset. So should you buy it? Today we’ll tell you all there is to know about this much-hyped VR headset which transforms your phone completely.

It is an evolution from the cardboard headsets that Google sold. Now it has developed and is compatible with your Android handsets. So now it comes with a controller and a bunch of other essentials that connect to make it real time feasible.

Probably one of the pitfalls of the system now is that it is only compatible with Google Pixel. However, more high-end phones are expected to launch this year. It is expected to work with most of them if not all.

Google Daydream VR: Specifications

The overall VR headset is quite soft, and it comes in two parts. The first holds your smartphone in place and is relatively lightweight. It comes with lenses and a Wii-like motion controller. With this set up you can manipulate the objects and choose the menu.

The touchpad and the volume buttons are at the top and the side respectively. They are relatively easy to find when you are operating the Google Daydream VR. The motion controller comes with a wrist band so that you do not lose it while you are lost in the world of Virtual Reality. The soft elastic strap helps keep it attached to your face comfortably.

Ease of use

Until now VRs were a headache for the number of lenses they needed changing. You had to choose the pairing products right and do them manually to get the right image. But with Google’s Daydream, you just have to put on the headset and adjust the picture until it looks clear. No more fiddling with ports, cables, plugins.

Hence we will give it an excellent rating when it comes to ease of usage. Once inside the system, you just need to point where you want to go, and the menu takes you there. It is commendable how accurate the cursor is, and that is what makes the system easier to handle.

Once you have placed the phone at the door, just remove the controller and adjust the image. Then adjust the straps. Now hold the button down and start playing. That’s it!

Google Daydream VR: Comfort

Okay here’s the thing: “easy doesn’t mean comfortable.” When we used this system, it was simpler to control, but some of our team members complained it was too heavy on the front. A lightweight experience would have been much better.

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Although it is made from a soft and cushion-like fabric, it is a tad bit heavy, and that’s a letdown. But many people are tempted to put it on as a spectacle while it should be put on like a crown. Wearing it the right way could reduce some of the heaviness. You can then easily wear it for about 90 minutes without any struggle.

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Image quality

The picture quality is average. A little bit of light still enters from the side unless your head is broad enough to cover it. But the overall user display experience is quite commendable. Google has done a good job with the adjustments. You can fix the lens until the proper image comes in.

Surely Google will make improvements in future. But sometimes the pictures seem to feel groggy. This is mostly true for something that is outside of the focus of the video. So there’s certainly room for improvement in this section.

Performance and Software

It comes with a Pixel XL motion which runs pretty smooth. Your phone and the Daydream platform do the most of the work for it. Some games like Wonderglade, Hunter’s Gate, etc. worked well with this phone.

If you want to use this phone for gaming, we say, go ahead. The image looks sharp on the display front, and the controllers make the job easy. It is not to be confused with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. They stand in their right. But Google has come up with a good start.

Google Daydream VR: Final Verdict

All’s well yet there’s a little problem – Daydream-certified phone or a Pixel phone are the only ones that adapt to it at present. Google argued that it is just to ensure that you do not get sick inside the VR. Hence they are maintaining some standards. This is true because we didn’t get sick so far.

But this also means that the future of Daydream is in question. We don’t know if phone manufacturers will have vested interest in making their phones Daydream ready. So you have to purchase a $600 Pixel to work with this $69 VR headset. The pricing comes to the same as its competitors. Daydream won’t do anything to convince you it is better than those already available in the market. If you already have a Pixel phone, you must try it.

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