Google Earth VR Can Fly You To Any Address You Want

Well, till now you could fly to any place you wanted to but you needed to be on an airplane to fly down to places. But now, you will need only a headset to be anywhere in the world. That’s the power of Virtual Reality for you! The new Google Earth VR headset will allow users to visit any place and fly over it in 3D.

This is what Google says about the Google Earth VR headset. The Google Earth VR is updated and people can choose their preferred destination. All you have to do is just know the address or name of the location.

Visit anywhere you want with the new Google Earth VR

According to Joanna Kim, the product manager of Google, “People want to quickly find and revisit the places that mean the most to them, whether it is a childhood home or favorite vacation spot”. Users will have the option of typing an address or put the name of the location, and then visit it with the 3D headset. Viewers will have the option of visiting 27 selected locations which are now easily available on Google Earth VR.

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It includes the Neuschwanstein Castle, from which the “Sleeping Beauty’s” castle was developed by Disney. You can also visit the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina. You will be able to weave through different locations and discover different places that you didn’t know even existed.

It starts with a zoomed out view of the whole earth. Now, if you are ready, you will be able to zoom in more, for instance, you can go to San Francisco directly if you want. Go to the buildings, Coit Tower; check out the whole ground and any other place you want.Bring up the search box and type any address like you do for Google Maps.

This new Google Earth VR headset will take you to the exact location. It might feel like an open world game but this is completely real. You will not find the natural daylight and if you look at the sky and use the drag function you will be able to select any time of the day or night. Sounds impressive, right?

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