Google Fact Check Feature Expands To Mexico, Argentina, And Brazil

Four months ago, around November 2016, before the presidential elections, Google introduced the “fact check” feature in the US. The reason was due to extensive spreading of fake and fictitious news. Now, Google Fact Check feature expands to three more countries. These include Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

Richard Gingras, the VP of Google News, said, users in above three countries will see links from the fact-checking websites in Google search results, in the news section. The sources are listed on “fact check” tag in the expanded story boxes on the desktop searches. Previously, the feature expanded to Germany and France. There are National Elections this year, so the Google fact check feature might help them. It will improve Google search results as well.

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Google Fact Check feature will cut off fake news publishers

Google explicitly mentioned that it would cut off the fake news publishers from the advertising network. On the other hand, Facebook launched a fake news filter in US, Germany, and France. In early February, Facebook and Google announced the feature called “CrossCheck.” More than 20 media companies from France will join. And also First Draft Coalition will also work together to analyze fake news about France’s presidential election.

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According to Facebook VP of partnerships, Dan Rose, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We are making a crucial point of not putting ourselves in a position of deciding what’s fake and not fake. I don’t think people want us to be the arbiters of truth. If people want to share stories that have been flagged with their friends, that’s ultimately their prerogative.[/quotes]

Both Facebook and Google search faced a lot of criticism to allow spread the fake news on their platforms. Both the companies are committed to resolving this issue as fast as possible. Google’s chief business officer said that they are going to take down the fake news issue.

It is a very serious problem and they are thinking about the next steps here. The fake news can bring a lot of changes and damages. Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate between fake news and bad journalism.

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