Google Fact Check Will Prevent Fake News From Google Search

First, it was Facebook and now it is Google. It looks like the social media giants are far-reaching this time to curb fake news completely from all the social media platforms and search engine giants. Google fact check feature will stop all fake news from coming into the search results of Google search engine. It will place “Fact Check” tags on the snippets of articles within the news results.

In this way, Google is planning to take down the fake news and stories. You will find all forms of information in Google search engine. Starting from political issues, business scenarios, police contents, news about different tech stuff, business organizations, sports, the entertainment industry, everything is available on Google. So, the search engine giant needs to ensure the content provided to common people are not fake. Alphabet Inc. already ran some tests today (7th March).

The spread of fake news and wrong information started after 2017 US presidential election and mostly Facebook was accused of it. Google fact check was introduced last year, but it was limited to the UK and US users only. According to Google, “From our perspective, there should just be no situation where fake news gets distributed, so we are all for doing better here.”

Difference between Google fact check and Facebook fact check

There is a difference between Google’s attempt of fact check and Facebook’s attempt. Unlike Facebook, Google will not stick to a limited number of fact checkers. Yes, it is working with well-known fact checkers like Snopes and PolitiFact. But Google Fact Check also opened up for discussion with the New York Times and The Washington Posts. Google will also allow organizations to offer better results as long as they add some extra coding to their web page.

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Google is not going to show information from all the websites which claim to be the fact checkers. So basically, the media organizations will have the option of using the new fact check feature to check each other. Google is not going to show information from all sites.

According to Google, “Only publishers that are algorithmically determined to be an authoritative source of information will qualify for inclusion. These fact checks are not Google’s and are presented so people can make more informed judgments.” Any publisher can apply for adding fact check labels to content. The Google search algorithm will then decide whether they can appear in the results or not.

A flaw in Google fact check update

There is also a flaw in this feature. Google Fact Check update will not improve search rank for the fact checking sites. It will not bring their information on top of Google page to increase page ranking. So this feature will help fact checking sites with a better chance of reaching people.

But this feature doesn’t do anything directly to deal with the issue of using Google to spread false news. Google needs to take some steps to resolve this problem, but the change will lead people towards correct information. The publishers can write the labels like “true,” “mostly false” or “pants on fire.”

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  1. And who is going to decide which news are 100% true? Fake news is just a fake name for censorship.

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