Google Fake News Shocks The World! Why Such Mishap?

Google search is one of the best and most reliable search engines of the world. The entire world is fighting against fake news. Search engines already stated any pages or websites spreading false news will be banned. In such circumstances, Google fake news shocked a huge number of internet users. We cannot believe Google is involved in spreading fake news. So what happened? Google allowed some crazy conspiracy theories and complete lies to spread.

How did Google fake news spread?

And how exactly did this accident happen? There is a service called “featured snippets” in Google search engine. These featured snippets are present in a box at the top of Google search results. The featured snippet gave a creepy question, “Is Obama planning a coup?”

The answer to this question from Google was, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]According to details exposed in Western Centre for Journalism’s exclusive video, not only could Obama be in bed with the communist Chinese, but Obama may, in fact, be planning a communist coup d’état at the end of his term in 2016[/quotes]. The news reports are from and Searchengineland.

BBC said the feature offered some problems when the snippet articles spread news without evidence. One more Google fake news article includes the “Proposition 63”. The snippet said it was “a deceptive ballot initiative that will criminalize millions of law-abiding Californians.”

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Algorithm failure

After the controversies related to 2016 presidential election, all social media giants are strict about banning fake news. Facebook got some serious accusations for spreading and supporting fake news. Since then, Facebook promised to bring down fake news. Google fake news needs to stop immediately. People consider Google search as the most trustworthy source of information on anything.

Spreading fake news was never Google’s intention. Google fixed the problem. The company is against fake news. From the last few months, Google is taking all measures to stop and prevent fake news. Google teamed with Facebook to deal with the problem.

According to Google, the Featured Snippets search function depends on an algorithm. It provides a match for a search query. The feature brings information from third party sites. Most of this info offer satisfactory answers to their question. The algorithm failed to discriminate between credible and non-credible sources. In this case, by the time the company noticed what happened, the Google fake news spread too much.

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