Google Family Link Will Offer Complete Control Of Children’s Android Device Use

Once again Google comes up with a new app. The app is called Google Family Link. If you are worried about what your kid is looking up on the internet, or whether they are using too much internet, you won’t have to sneak up on Google Search Engine history. The parental control app will let parents allow and manage what their kids are downloading from Google Play. It will also show you how much time they spend on which apps and allows you to set up a bedtime on their kid’s device.

The features of Google Family Link app

The Google Family Link app will set up ground rules for kids. All you have to do is just set up a Google account for your child on their Android device. You can monitor all their browsing from the apps. You can also block/unblock the apps for kids. If you think your child is using an individual app for too much time, then you can set up a particular time, and your child can use the app for that time only. Google Family Link will also lock your kid’s device when it is time to study or sleep.

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Thus, you will have complete control over your child’s Android device. It will also allow a second member of the family to exercise the same controls over your kid’s account. You can also set up an unlock code if your child forgets the code, you can open it for them. You can also control which apps will have access to the camera or microphone.

Few flaws

At present, the Family Link app is available for the US users. You can get this app if you are Android 7.0 Nougat or higher Android users. Your kid must be under 13 years of age if you want to enable the Family Link app. If you are in the US and you have a kid, then you can request an invite on the Google Family Link app page.

Very few devices are running Android 7.0 Nougat right now. So it’s hard for this app to become familiar. Google needs to develop the app so that at least users of Marshmallow can use this app. There are drawbacks too. You cannot know your child’s device location unless the device is on, connected to the internet or recently active.

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