Google Promises Free Cloud Services To Korean Media Startups

Korean media startups will get Google free cloud services. It is not the first venture from Google to offer help for the startups. Still, this one is different from the others. The primary reason is, due to some political differences between Korea and America, Google search engine is not very popular in Korea. Well, this could be an attempt to expand Google search engine in Korea.

10 Korean media startup companies will get Google free cloud. We are not yet sure about what is included within the Google free cloud packages. The companies will get the free cloud packages and services for one year. Now, this can be a huge advantage for the Korean media companies.

The products and services in Google free cloud services

Getting Google free cloud services for one year is like getting the best in class cloud services for one year and that too for free. It means, the 10 Korean media companies will have products and services like Compute Engine, App Engine for apps and backends, Container Engine, Container Registry, and Cloud Functions. They will get storage and databases like Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner, and Persistent Disk.

For networking support, you will have Cloud Virtual Network, Cloud CDN, Cloud load balancing, Cloud interconnect and Cloud DNS. There are many Google free cloud services including Big Data, Machine Learning, Identity and Security, Management Tools, Developer Tools and much more. We bet no one would want to miss out so many features and facilities free for one year.

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Additional details on Google’s offer to Korean media startups

Google is going to provide the spark package which will give $20000 credit for use in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase products. For the support and assistance, Google will offer you one-on-one tech sessions. Google tech assistants and engineers will be available on a 24-hour call service. You will also have the G Suite free for one year. The Media startups serving for more than three months and which can share three stories in a week can apply till 28th April.

The Google Campus Seoul and the Google Korea’s media innovation team will review all the applications. They will announce the winner on 15th May. The Spark Package will start from June. At present, the company is already running a “Media Innovation Series” program for the local media startup companies too. They are holding sessions on research, education, products and innovation.

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