Google Home And Wi-Fi Will Arrive In UK On 6th April

Now, this is one of the best news for the people of UK who are eagerly waiting for the Google Home and Wi-Fi. Till now, the Google Home and Wi-Fi was available for the people of US only. Thus, the consumers had to shop from US stores with no support or warranty for the Google Home and Wi-Fi.

Google announced today (29th March), the smart assistant Google Home for the UK people will be available from 6th April. It will also offer the Google Wi-Fi system from 6th April.

Pricing and additional options for Google Home and Wi-Fi

You just cannot deny Google Home is one of the best smart assistants available till now in the market. It is focusing on connecting “each and every smart device” in your home. It will very soon become the go-to device for checking up media content, information and also the smart controls. You can get the Google Home smart assistant from the Google Store from 6th April. You can also opt for retail stores like Argos, John Lewis, Dixon, and Maplin.

In the UK, you will get Google Home at a price of £129. And it will also come with free shipping. So roughly it comes to $162. If you want to customize and personalize your device, you can also check out the different bases available for Google Home. The colored bases are available in metal at £36, or fabric at a price of £18.

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New features of Google Wi-Fi

Now let us come to the Google Wi-Fi. If you are looking for a fast internet connection with stability, then Google Wi-Fi is just the one you need. You can get them in single packs or double packs. For a single pack the price is £129, and for a double pack, the cost is £229. So you save £30 if you buy a double pack. The retailers mentioned above, also sell the Google Wi-Fi. Amazon already started selling the Google Home and Wi-Fi in Amazon UK.

As mentioned by the DailyMail, Google Wi-Fi is a new connected system which replaces the router for a better coverage through your home. The system is designed in such a way to offer Wi-Fi connectivity from the bedroom to basement. The device will use the technology called mesh Wi-Fi. It uses multiple routers to spread internet signal throughout your home.

Google Wi-Fi also has a feature called Network Assist which allows you in managing and optimizing the network. So you won’t have to adjust the settings. Google Wi-Fi can optimize the service without any input; still, you can control it with a smartphone app. You will also have an option of managing several features like Google Wi-Fi access for kids. No need to shut down the router, just go to the app and click on pause.

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