Google Home And Mesh Wi-Fi Combo Device Will Be Available Soon

Last year Google came up with the Google Home Assistant and then a separate Wi-Fi router. Now the tech giant is looking forward to creating a combo device of Google Home and mesh Wi-Fi. It will help people in getting the both the facilities. Creating a combo device is not a new thing in the technical world.

It will increase the work efficiency for a lot of people. Again, it is also true that this might raise a competition. Amazon Echo is not lagging behind and if Google can make a combined device of Home Assistant and Wi-Fi, then it won’t take long for Google to supersede Amazon Echo.

Google Home and mesh Wi-Fi combo will support non-Google products?

Last year, the $129 Google Home was a major release from Google. Surely it is not stopping there. Google is now looking to make a complete coverage of the in-house Wi-Fi. One thing is sure, the device will cost more than the present model and it might also support the non-Google networks as well. It is not completely sure whether it will work or not but if it works, it will be great. The goal of the tech giant is to get more devices into the Google Home and get more coverage area.

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Who would like to have two separate boxes for mesh network and Wi-Fi routers? Nobody, right? The new version of Google Home and mesh Wi-Fi combo will come with an intelligent speaker. So you will get a speaker, a voice command system and also a Wi-Fi router in one box. Yes, it is going to be costly, but right now we don’t have the details on price. With all these gadgets combined in a single piece, it makes more sense than the previous separate devices.

Previously, the Google Home and Wi-Fi cost $130 each. For the Google Wi-Fi, you could get three-pack bundles for $300. With this initiative, it will help in differentiating the line of routers from the similar products. Let’s wait and watch if the new gadget comes with a bit of higher price or not. But overall, this merger will take the Google Home products one step ahead of Amazon Echo in the present market.

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