Google Home: Tricks On Getting Started Quickly

Well, as we know that Google Home was released recently and it is one of the best smart home devices available in the market. It is such a device that the more you use it, the more you can discover it. For instance, did you have any idea that you can call for an Uber with the help of the device? We bet you didn’t.

You can do a lot of tasks with Google Home, and the list is just not ending. Starting from playing videos on YouTube to watching TV without even touching the remote, you can do everything with Google Home. Here we bring you some additional tricks and tips to get started with Google Home. Have a look!

1. Connecting the services

Third party services are the key to success. Initially, the services were limited to Uber only. But now the list is long and you will get full services that range from WebMD to Uber, to animal quiz and much more. You can check the list of supported device from “more settings” then clicking on “services.” Tap on services and then just go on following the prompts.

2. Assistant Preferences

Google Home interactions are mostly done with Google Assistant. This updated personal assistant is developed into particular chat apps too, like Allo, Pixel Phones, and Google Home. If you want to customize the information for Google Assistant, you have to open the App, slide the menu drawer and then click on More Settings. Start with sections “new” and “my day.” In the news, you can select audio updates to check. Use the “My Day” option for setting up the details when you prompt Google to tell about your day. The customizable options include weather, next meeting, commute time, check pending memories and then play the newscasts.

3. Renaming Google Home

To rename the Google Home, you have to go to the Android or iOS app, navigate to the settings for the device. Go to “Devices,” click on “menu” then click on “settings” and within the device info section you have to tap on “name.” You will get the option of changing the names. You can rename as you want but remember that as you keep adding names, it will be easy to remember if you keep adding them by locations.

4. Viewing the command history

Google will save a copy of every voice command towards Google Home. It is stored in the Google account. You can see all the commands; remove anything you don’t want to be kept in your account in just a few steps. Just got to “More Settings” then scroll to the bottom of the page and then tap on “My Activity.” You will see a web page that displays the time, date and request. You have to tap on the play button for hearing what the device is recording. If you want to remove it from history, just tap on menu button and then click on delete.

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5. Play on ChromeCast from home

You can follow the same steps for renaming the Google home to make it easier for you to play the content on TV. But rename the ChromeCast to something that is easy to remember. It will become easy for you to interact with Google.

6. Changing the music source

At present, Google home supports Google Play Music, YouTube Red, Spotify, and Pandora. If you have to set your preferred music source, you have to open the Music section in “More Settings” and then click on music service. If you have not linked to the device, you will see that while changing the source. When you set up the device first time, you will get a complimentary service six months subscription for YouTube Red.

7. Disabling the Microphone

At the back of Google Home, there is a button and this button stops it from listening of the wake phrase “OK Google.” When it is pressed, you will hear the “Microphone off” in the speaker and the light will turn orange/red. It is how you shut down the mic. And if you want to turn it on again, just press the button again. It is a great option if you are having a sensitive conversation.

8. Guest Mode

The Google home will act as the ChromeCast audio device that allows the friends and family members to use it without needing your Wi-Fi network. You can enable the guest mode by going into Home, click on Devices, then click on Menu and then click on guest mode. You will get a PIN code. Give them the pin, and they can easily connect with the device without your Wi-Fi.

9. Restricting inappropriate content

You can limit adult/violent materials that you don’t want your kids to watch. To avoid the inappropriate content, you have to click on “more settings” again and then scroll to the bottom of the page to enable the “YouTube restricted mode.”

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10. Reboot when everything fails

The device also sometimes gets some hiccups and lags. In case such issue occurs, the best fix of this is to restart the system.

11. The hidden features

This smart home has got a lot of hidden features. You can get jokes; get any information, book rides, tickets, restaurants and much more. There is no shortage of hidden features.

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