Google Home Vs. Apple HomeKit: Google Home Takes The Lead

Well, both Google Home and Apple HomeKit offers a dream come true for a Smart Home. And this is where the comparison starts. Both the tech giants have come up with some stunning display of Virtual Personal Assistants. It is tough for the individuals which one to choose among the two. Here we are going to make a detailed analysis of the different aspects of both Google Home and Apple HomeKit. It will let you come to a conclusion about which one you should take.

Operating system:

The Google Now was a part of Google for quite some time, and this has been upgraded to become the Google Assistant recently. Like Google Now, the Google Home works throughout the whole portfolio; it includes Android and Chrome OS. The Operating system of Google Home is designed for responding in a natural and conversational manner for voicing the queries. It is powered by a cloud-based AI technology. With the Simple Phrase “Ok Google” it is ready to play the music from your choice of apps. You can manage your grocery lists, set the alarms, translate phrases, Google anything you like and turn on the lights with your voice.

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For the Apple HomeKit, Apple was the first company that introduced a digital assistant into the devices with Siri. The iDevice users can interact with Siri to use the Apple HomeKit for the same purpose. With the recent voice updates, users can use the Siri Voice commands for controlling Apple TV. Apple HomeKit is not some physical hub. It is a framework for communicating and controlling the connected accessories in a user’s home. You can access them with the free home app that comes with standard iOS 10 on all Apple devices.
At present, Google Home is better than Apple with a larger range of commands, integrations, and tasks.


Google Home’s design is a bit more domestic in appeal. It is short and thicker with the rounded base and the slanted top. The base is available in different colors and materials. So you can customize it depending on your choices and preferences. The design of Google Home can be customized according to your home interior.

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At present, Apple HomeKit is a software system only. The Apple HomeKit does not contain any hardware in design. Thus, it is suitable for those individuals who have the iOS 10 equipped cellular gadgets, an Apple TV. You will get options like closing the door locks, light bulbs, thermostats, but it will work only on the iOS enabled gadgets only. So, till date, what form of hardware design it might bring to the iOS user, is still unknown.
So if you are looking for a proper smart gadget for your home, Google Home is a better option than Apple HomeKit.

App integrations:

Google Home promises great app integrations. It is not a big surprise because Google has got the best app integration technology because of Android. Google Home can pull data from various services. It means an individual can check the calendar, send emails, play media through the Google casting facility and perform a lot of other tasks. Google Home can also interface with Google’s range of Nest products. But the complete list of third party apps is not yet given by the company.

The Apple HomeKit is based totally on the smart home authentication. It allows the users to control the heating, lighting, and outlets through the phone. It also integrates with Siri which means you can use voice commands for interaction. Adding the skill set of Siri and existing functionality, Apple Home has got the same functionality as Google, but Google holds more robust functionality and much wider app integration than Siri till date.


At present, the cost of Google Home is $129 before tax. It is the US price; We are not clear about the cost in other countries.

For Apple HomeKit the price is £163, which is $230 at the Apple stores.
So in overall factors, Google Home emerged to be a better home assistant than the Apple HomeKit.

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  1. I have used the home since christmas and wow. Its transformed how we do things.
    Adding stuff to shopping list and playing music
    Weather for the day and turning Hue lights on and off.
    Here is a big list of google home voice commands

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