Google Lens Will Turn Your Smartphone Camera Into A Search Box

Those who want to know what the next step is for Google, for them, Google Lens will clear the air. Google Lens is an artificially intelligent augmented realty that was the centre of discussion at Google’s developer conference. The Lens uses computer vision and AI to create sense from your photos and videos and connect a real world use for you. You can call it as a real world search engine outside the screens. So what exactly can the Google Lens do?

Here are some interesting things that the new Google Lens does

All you have to do is just open the Google Lens and point the camera to a particular flower. The Google Lens can tell you what flower it is and what its species is by just checking the flower through the phone camera.
It can read the complex Wi-Fi password through the phone’s camera, and it will do the hard work for you. This means it will log you into the Wi-Fi network automatically.

When you point the Google lens to a particular restaurant or retail store across the market, it will offer you with all the relevant information. Just weave your camera, and you can buy tickets, add events and reminders.
Previously, you could ask a question to Google, but this is something the browser cannot do. Lens AI will bring Google into the physical world. It will work as the search engine in a much more advanced form which will encourage the next gen users who prefer pictures more than texts.

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Is there any reason to be sceptical?

Now, one thing needs to be considered here. Like the Google voice searches, a lot of times we get inaccurate results or sometimes there is a lack of content too. So, will that same problem happen with this Google Lens? At present Google is using the Lens into the most updated and used apps from Google. For instance, those applications which gained at least half a billion users in the last two years, Google is using the lens in those apps only.

This will make Google and its mobile apps much more essential for the mobile users. The Google Lens features are new, but the technology behind this lens is not new. We don’t mean that Google will not come up with new technology anymore. With the presence of more advanced computing tools, Google is in a better place to make more use of AR.

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