Google Maps Enables Multi-Destination Navigation!

Earlier, Google Maps for Android enabled users to side track to cafes, shopping marts, restaurants and gas stations. However, this app did not allow users in navigating to multiple destinations.

Now, it is reported that users can navigate to various destinations with the help of Maps for Android. This is indicative that soon, navigation to multiple destinations is now available to users through Maps for Desktop.

The complete URL of the multiple destination search has to be copied by the users on Maps for desktop. Then, they have to send it to themselves in whatever way they desire, either through message or email. After one clicks on the link which is received and opens in Google Maps, multiple destination route navigation route would be opened by the app. The method definitely works.

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In the meantime, on Thursday, a new feature was announced targeting Indian users. now, Maps for iOS and Android would be showing traffic alerts to users after switching on the navigation mode.

With this updated Maps app, spoken alert would be offered about traffic conditions after entering the area on the app. This would help users in identifying route they wish to take.

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