Google And Meity Launch Initiatives For Digital Awareness And Best Practices

In our recent articles, we mentioned how the social media websites and platforms are under strict scrutiny from the Federal Government for preventing hate speech, fake/scam news and promoting terrorism-related incidents. Google and Meity (Ministry of Electronics and Information technology) introduced “Virtual free Safety Alliance” initiative for digital awareness.

The objective is to create awareness about secure and protected virtual practices. You can also call it as a Digital Payment Security Alliance. In this initiative, the Fintech companies and government will work together for creating digital awareness. They will also alert the users on digital and mobile payments.

Few other initiatives and training programs for digital awareness

The government in all countries are emphasizing on digital payments. But people will not make use of digital payment unless they are sure about its security. Thus, the government is also working on all levels to enhance the security. It already started the “Digital Payment Security Alliance” in collaboration with the Data Council of India. The alliance is about ensuring security for the government’s digital and financial programs.

Google search engine also announced the “Digital Unlocked Initiative” in collaboration with Meity. The initiative is to train one lakh artisans per year in India. It will enable them to tap into new markets with improved visibility of their products on the internet.

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National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIEIT) will train the artisans. According to Rajan Anandan, the President of Google Southeast Asia and India, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We are delighted to support Prime Minister’s vision of creating a ‘New India.’ Here is where technology unleashes a wave of new opportunities. We are committed to look forward to working with Meity across these broad ranges of initiatives and help every Indian to leverage the power of Internet.[/quotes]

More than 300 million Indians are using the internet on smartphones. Google search is a common feature, and almost every individual using the Internet has a Google account. So, Google is planning to leverage the massive users of mobile phones. Google also announced Android Skill Program for digital awareness. It will train two million developers in India with NIEIT. They are taking initiatives for enabling the citizen engagement and train capacity building programs on digital tools.

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