Google Has No Plans To Continue The Legacy Of Google Chromebooks

Well, the Google Chromebooks came into the market in the year 2013. Those were the first ones to bear the brand name Pixel. The Chromebooks came with Chrome OS with high-end hardware. The Pixel 2 came out two years later. It was one of the first consumer products that had the USB Type-C ports.

Now it looks like there will no more be a third version of Google Chromebooks in Pixel brand. In fact, the company is not sure of any future Google laptops. Google announced in a small meeting in the Mobile World Congress Barcelona on 1St March 2017 (today) that the Google Chromebook and original products bearing the Pixel name will no longer be available.

Google doesn’t have any plans for flagship laptops

The Pixel smartphones released recently are doing well. The company is facing some issues with the supply and demand. Google might develop other gadgets with Google’s own software and hardware, but laptops are not likely to come again. When asked, Google said, all Chromebooks are out in the market, and there are no plans to make any more. If you go to Google Store, you will not find Google Laptops for sale, but there is plenty of third party Chromebooks available there.

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No Andromeda for Google Chromebooks

Speaking about the Chrome OS, the company said, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]Chrome OS is a massive initiative in the enterprise. Google hasn’t backed away from laptops. We have the number two market share in the U.S. and U.K., but we have no plans for Google-branded laptops.[/quotes] Pixel was an example of what premium Google Chromebooks will look like. The first version of Chromebooks didn’t sell in high numbers. And they were never meant to be.

Those laptops were intended to be aspirational. It was the first touch screen laptop. The second version of Chromebooks was much better. It came with USB-C charging facility. The Pixel 3 was more than a Chromebook. It would have become the first laptop of Andromeda because of Google’s combination of Chrome OS and Android. It seems like there won’t an Andromeda!

When asked if Google is not making their laptops, Rick Osterloh said, they are not completely ruling out making laptops in future. But one thing is for sure; Google will shift their laptops from the Pixel Moniker. From a branding standpoint, Google might make plans to reserve the Pixel name for the flagship smartphones only. Even if Google Chromebooks are no more, the Chrome OS is here to stay.

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