Google Photos Can Now Group Photos As Per Your Specific Trip Or Vacation

You might be aware of various people who love to share photographs during the recent trips or vacation on social media. However, curating these photos is a tough task. For them, Google has a new solution.

New Photo Feature

With Google Photos service, a new album is suggested to users after they go for a trip or an event. Furthermore, the ‘best shots’ taken by the user would be curated. Even, Maps would be integrated here for adding location details as well as describing how someone has traveled.

You can also add Text captions to this album and collaboration can be turned on for letting family members and friends add their photographs. Even if the assistance of Google is not present with album creation or curation, texts, location pins or maps can be added to new and existing albums.

It isn’t hidden anymore that the company is quite focused to make the photo service competitive and better. At the developer conference, a big revamp of photos was announce, and unlimited and free photo storage was announced.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Auto Focus

The service had the capability of automatically grouping the images of people after recognizing them without adding tags. Since then new features are being added by the company.

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So suppose you are going on an out of town trip, then the app will group your pictures based on the start and end date. Of course, it will take a hint from your location services. So you can quietly delete your “Collage” app. Google has found a new way to group your apps. In fact, it also auto-detects 255,000 landmarks. It is the combination of both geotags and computer visions.

What’s more? It’s almost as if Google snoops through your pictures. If there’s an Eiffel Tower in the picture, the app recognizes you are in Paris and groups all those pictures immediately.

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