Google Pixel 2 Could Have Waterproofing, Camera Upgrades And More

Google Pixel was a cleverly designed, feature-packed phone. The phone gave tough competition to iPhone. So naturally, the expectations from Google Pixel 2 are heightened. It has just been a couple of months since the release of Pixel, and now people just can’t wait for Pixel 2’s release.

The Pixel successor is rumored to be even more chiseled in its features. The details are extremely sparse. So we have brought you only the juicy details and here they go.

Water resistant Pixel 2

Google Pixel gave us more than what we were used to. Hence Pixel 2 is supposed to surmount even that expectation. While the other brands are focusing on biometric scanners, water resistance would be a good feature for a phone.

It will be unique, useful and smart. So who’s to say this rumor might not be true? According to 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall, the feature was “on the table” for the brand’s next release. Pixel 2 is going to be that “next release.”

Budget Friendliness

This one’s a major checklist for Google fans. However, with high-end features comes a high-end cost. So the prices are expected to rise. According to 9to5Google’s report, the price of Pixel 2 will be at least $50 higher than the last model.

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So this means that the price for the new phone could start anywhere from $650. The highest-end variant could cost somewhere around $800. For a cheaper alternative, wait for the side release – Pixel 2B.

Camera features

Google won’t focus on enhancing its megapixels. So don’t expect a whopping 25MP camera. But you can expect a jump in the camera functions. Google has said where it won’t increase the MPs,  it would compensate adding some extra features.

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However, it is unclear as to what additional features Google is talking about. But we must expect something ultra high-end because Hall has said that camera will be the “major focus” of this new phone nonetheless.

Google Pixel 2 Chipsets

About the Chipsets, nothing can be said for sure yet because Google is trying out different chipsets. As of now, it seems like it would go with the new 835 Snapdragon. But it might also go with Intel SoC. Google is trying out several options right now.

There’s still a long time to go before Pixel 2 release. Some of these rumors might come true, some may change. Stay tuned for more updates!

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