Google Pixel 2 Stays Premium, Laptops Not Happening

Google has some good and bad news for its faithful users this year at MWC 2017, Barcelona. The speculations about Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 (B) budget Android phone were put to rest. The team also answered a few questions about Google laptops.

Google Pixel 2 Coming Soon

After the success of the first set of Pixel phones, Google is gearing up to release the next Pixel lineup. Rick Osterloh, the head of the hardware department, recently spoke to the Android Pit, confirming that Google Pixel 2 will be happening this year. He mentioned that even though he cannot put the finger on the date yet, the model will release this year surely.

Further, when asked whether Pixel 2 will come at a pocket-friendly price, he cleared the air. He said that Pixel series will remain Premium for now. Google will continue to leave the low range segments for other manufacturers.

Budget Pixel a Tricky Tale

Earlier a tipster alluded rumors that a Pixel phone within the budget was going to come. But from Rick Osterloh’s statement it is clear that there is no budget friendly Google Pixel happening. So what was the rumor all about? According to experts, it was cleared later that the makers who are working to bring Pixel are working on another handset which will be budget friendly.

This makes sense because Google will not just leave the cheaper markets. However, if this budget phone was to come, then it won’t be for the US or UK markets. With announcements like these, speculators are suspecting an Android One release. It is known that the US market is flooded with budget Android phones. Although rumors are suggesting an Android One release in the US market, Google is giving us no such indication at present.

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Google Laptops Might Not Happen

Although Pixel smartphones are getting all the attention, the manufacturers seem laidback about releasing Google Laptops. There may be future products that bank on the Pixel brand. These products will feature Google’s own software and hardware. Sadly, laptops won’t be one of those products.

Osterloh confirmed, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]Google hasn’t backed away from laptops. We have the number two market share in the U.S. and U.K. — but we have no plans for Google-branded laptops. Google hasn’t backed away from laptops. We have the number two market share in the U.S. and U.K. — but we have no plans for Google-branded laptops.[/quotes]

This makes little sense if you weigh in the fact that Pixel series has always been path-breaking. It was the first hardware device with vertical integration that showed that Google could compete with the likes of Apple. But for now, this only seems like a farfetched idea.

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