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Google Pixel Smartphone – Review

After the launch event of Google hardware, Google Pixel has received a fantastic response from the users. It surely gives competition to the iPhone with a fantastic camera and other useful features.


  • Best smartphone camera available
  • Longer battery life
  • Google’s features which you cannot miss
  • Very snappy and speedy to use
  • Works on all four carriers


  • Pricey indeed. One will consider twice before buying at such a hefty price
  • Speakers can be let down as compared to Nexus 6P
  • Non- expandable storage
  • Not water resistant


A slightly flat design. Maybe Google tried it to “play safe.” It looks a lot like iPhone, given they have included the headphone jack! The aluminum body makes it easy to hold and use. The fingerprint sensor is fast and easy to unlock. But as it’s placed at the back, one has to pick up the phone and open it. Th glass panel covers one-thirds of the phone, which is useless.


It supports Android 7.1 with very intuitive Google features, like Google Assistant. With a 5.5-inch screen and 2560×1440 display, the display looks stunning. With Snapdragon 820, Pixel is jiffy and very fast. Very few smartphones have such functionality and also such great speed.


It comes with a 5.5″ Quad HD Super AMOLED display, which is amazing. It has an adequate amount of brightness outdoors and also vivid contrast. Moreover, the photos and video taken are superb and looks nice.

Memory and Battery:

Pixel is probably the best regarding battery life. With 3450 mAh, it has an on-screen time of roughly 6 hours with rigorous use and also while connected to networks. Sure as well heats, only during heavy usage. It comes with a non-removable battery which can be an issue for some.

You get an unlimited amount of storage for your photos and videos on the Google Pixel. But there is no support of micro sd card which is a letdown.

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Let’s just admit it; Google Pixel is by far the best smartphone camera available in the market. Google Pixel has been rated as the best-ever DxOMark Mobile score ever, i.e., 89. The quality of the photos and videos are amazingly beautiful. Has a very fast and snappy shutter which captures photos instantly. The details captured in macro mode is excellent and flawless. Even in low light, the pictures doesn’t become noisy or pixelated. Even the HDR+ works wonder with such fantastic and easy to use functions. It has a 12MP rear-facing camera and 8MP front-facing snapper for Selfie. A pixel can record 4k videos at 30fps. It has EIS Technology for Video Stability.

Other Features of Google Pixel:

There are other features which should be noted.

  • Google Assistant– indeed a very helpful feature. It gives you tons of opportunities and suggestions, every time you ask for it. It can do chores from small to big, just name it.
  • Launcher shortcuts– to use this feature, just long-press on the widget and you’ll have a set of other options in it. For example, when you long press on Settings, it shows various options like Battery, Data usage, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Backup ease– It automatically backs up your apps, contacts, SMS, app data, Wi-Fi passwords, call history, and various settings in Google Drive.
  • Quick charging– it gives you full battery in just 20 minutes. Now that is something amazing!


A very decked up phone but with a hefty price. Though the features and specifications are excellent, more was expected with a price like this. Has an exquisite camera with an excellent battery life and also the fast processor. Supports some amazing features which shouldn’t be missed. Overall, if you wish to pay the amount as high as this, on an iPhone, consider buying Google Pixel for a change.

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