Google Play Store Vs. Apple App Store: Play Store Takes The Lead

Is Google Play Store better than Apple App Store? There has been a lot of buzz about Android apps and Apple Apps – the Apple vs. Android debate continues for eternity. Thousands of Apple fans would swear Apple is the best while the Android fans do not hesitate to point out the fluidity in their usage.

It is undeniable that both parties have some valid arguments. Apple has created a smooth and clean mobile operating system. Android has been able to create a diverse set of features. So which one is best?

Google Play Store apps better than Apple App Store apps?

Difference between Android apps store and Apple Apps Store

Android Apps are Cheaper: Android apps are either cheaper than App store apps or free. These are similar in functionality and quality. Their user-friendliness is also on point. So why go with the expensive App store version?

Android Apps Are easier to find: Google runs your search query through the list of words entered in the description and titles. App Store runs the query only through keywords that are manually entered. Hence, Google makes it easier to find those that you are looking for.

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Android Apps are more developer friendly: App store charges developers’ high price, plus they are very critical of apps that are kept. Surely the quality is maintained – Snapchat for iOS is far better than Snapchat for Android. But developers get frustrated when after they spend hours on their apps, they get rejected. This never happens with Android.

Google makes device compatibility smoother: Both iPhones and iPads run on iOS but you can’t use the same apps on both devices. Android doesn’t pose any such issue. It is far smoother in its operation and accessibility.

Google avails easier download: You can download Android apps right from your PC. App store does not allow you the same liberty. You have to access the apps only from the device you want to download it to.

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There are more pros than cons in Google’s favor hence, Android wins this race. We can see a two horned green Android rejoicing somewhere. Apple needs to up its game to keep pleasing Gen Z.

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