Google Search Engine Launches New Efforts To Flag Offensive Content

Google search engine is going to take up new measures to prevent any offensive searches. The new effort of Google will block any offensive content to be at the top of the search results. Google hired 10000 independent contractors. They are calling the contractors as “quality raters.” Their work is to survey the actual Google search results and then score them accordingly.

The raters will get actual searches from Google search engine. They way they rate the pages; the search results will appear in that way from the top. Does this mean the value of a website or the value of any page will depend on the score of the quality rater? NO, not. Here is how it works.

How will Google search engine flag offensive content?

The “quality raters” don’t have the power to alter the Google search engine results directly. If a quality rater marks any page or website as low quality, it will not reduce the rankings of the page. Instead, the data offered by the quality raters are used to improve Google search algorithm. The data will have an impact on the low-quality pages.

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The quality raters will flag offensive websites as “Upsetting Offensive.” The quality raters will use a set of guidelines which is 200 pages long. It contains instructions on how they are going to access the website quality. The results they review should also meet the needs of those who are looking for particular queries.

The objective of Google search engine is to prevent any offensive, racial, graphically violent, incorrect content from showing to the top search results. But this will not make a site disappear from Google search results. Only specific sites will get cropped from the searches.

Google is also testing a new interface for the Search app. The new interface separates recent searches in different categories like Maps, Images, In-App searches and much more. Images section also shows popular searches from the web.

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