Google Search Traffic Might Make You Lose Visitors Soon

Google started to show a different approach towards websites some time ago. We all know this, but it was to come sooner or later. In Google’s defense, they always strive to show you the accurate information as per your query. This then only makes sense if they put up information about your question first.

How this affects your business?

All of this is causing a slight change in the way websites are perceived nowadays. For instance, when you type “$1 to INR”  in the search engine you get the information in an instant. You don’t have to open another website. This is putting the currency converter websites out of business. You would say that you are still showing up on the first page.

Let’s face the facts when someone is looking for a piece of information they do not look further after they’ve got their answer. If the answer is coming from credible sources like Google itself, usually that’s it. This means that the website that is coming second is losing on its potential clicks.

This is not the first time Google has done this. Many sites are losing potential value because of such things. If you want to know your IP address, type “my IP” on Google, and it will show your public IP. Websites like are basically redundant at this point.

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Google May Not Be the Future for Potential Revenue

So you have no other option now than to build a website that has core complex answers. The simple ones are already being taken care of by Google. Experts are also of the view that search traffic is becoming risky day by day. If you want to expand your online website, you might have to try to depend less and less on search engines. Google has now also begun quoting websites to give you prompt answers.

If you notice recently, some websites rank on the top. Usually, a fragment of their write up related to your query is quoted on there. Your write up still holds value to Google, but you will not gain anything without any clicks.

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