Google Shop: The First Real-World Shop at New York

Google unveiled the first Google shop of the company this Thursday. The real-world shop is not exactly a store. It is a showroom that was opened in New York is the Android builder’s first real-world store. By making both the phone’s hardware and the Android software, Google keeps its reputation up. The Google Shop is situated in 96 Sprint Street, New York.

The Real-World Shop features a bunch of weird ways to show off its new Google products. The most visual spectacle was Pixel Wall that greets you when you walk in. It’s a massive mechanical wall with lots of rotating colored blocks that can display various images at the same point in time. A Google spokesperson said, “It was meant to be a physical representation of the screens we look at regularly, and it sets the quirky tone that you’ll find throughout Google’s space.”

Features of Google Shop:

Google Shop

Google Real-World Shop

  • One of the walls in the google shop is decorated with a vibrant artistic arrangement of bright blue, yellow, colors red and green blocks. These blocks are arranged to display the company’s tricolors.
  • The Google Shop also flaunts the Google’s Daydream View VR headset. It is a modular Wi-Fi system. Also, a Home virtual assistant that seems more like a rival to the Amazon Echo device.
  • To mention, nothing is sold at the Google Shop. The customers are directed to the company’s online store and sometimes to the telephone operators who can take orders for products. Eventually, smoothness of the content accessing services has been improved.
  • It has Google Home demo areas to elaborate how it works.
  • The Google shop featured both a living room and kitchen. It is closed off from the rest of the store. Both of them are tricked out with Google Home and WiFi devices. The living room also had a 4K TV which is hooked up with the new Chromecast Ultra.
Google Real-World Shop

Google Shop

The Pixel phones are all about photos according to Google’s Giant Photo Globe. This Giant Photo Sphere proved to be an excellent demonstration of the Google Photos backup app. There are three Pixel phones around this Giant Photo Globe. Furthermore, it let users change pictures that were on display, and the phones themselves can cycle photos through various searches in the app.

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The Rivalry:

Google Shop

Google Shop Vs Apple Store

The Apple’s new iPhone 7 is having a healthy competition with the Google’s Pixel. So, It would make it easy for the people to know about the latest Google products and gadgets. As a visual proof, the Pixel smartphones that were launched this month already began with shipping. So, Stepping into the territory where the iPhone maker has made its mark, the pop-up shop of New York will stay opened throughout the year.

Google early this month took the lead on its rivals a new push in the technical marathon by launching the Pixel smartphone that showcases artificial intelligence with Google Assistant. Furthermore, The Apple Store and Google real-world shop are making the customers oscillate between thoughts. So, The battle of platforms is going to be a great show for the audience for sure.

“This is not even a testing ground, just an extension of the launch,” said Chrissy Persico, the Google spokeswoman at the opening event. “We want people to come in and experience the products.”

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