Google Voice Search Stores Your Conversation But You Can Delete It

So you no longer have to type out your search query in Google. Just speak it in front voice search, and it hits, but at what cost? Is this costing you your privacy? Experts think so. Google voice search records are stored in Google database. But that is not all – it also stores conversation you have near your phone.

Google Voice Search Records

Some time ago FBI Director James Comey said he covers his webcam whenever it is not in use. He suggested everyone should do that. Now that speaks volumes about the privacy invasion in today’s era. That said Google’s intentions are unlike NSA’s. It is not trying to be vigilant but using those voice searches to improve its functionality. This is the reason it is very easy to listen to and delete all of your past voice records.

Google has a separate audio page, which is different from other activities’ page. This page shows you your audio files. You can check your activity by clicking here. This page again says “You’re in control.” This puts Google back again good faith. Also, another thing is that only you can view this page.

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Google Voice Search Is Like A Journal

Since only you can see it and access it, it can become like a journal. It can remind some people of all the things that you have said and looked for. The feature started out in June 2015. So since then whatever you have said to Google, it has recorded. You can see the effects on an Android phone. But you might also have noticed that the devices which are connected to Google have the same impact.

What’s more? Whatever you have said has been transcribed into text automatically. You can also visit the page to delete all records of the things you have said and done. You can also selectively delete some embarrassing voice records. There are “Delete” options, “Advanced” buttons and “More” buttons. These will help you navigate through all your choices.

Don’t want it to record conversations? Delete it!

The easiest way to ensure your complete privacy is not to use Google Assistant at all. You have to turn off the Assistant and never use the voice search. If you are using Google search, it might feel very convenient to use voice search. In such a situation, you have to either go for a digital detox or live with adjustable privacy invasions.

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