Google Wifi Review: The Family Wi-Fi System

Well, you just cannot deny that the most exciting gadgets of 2016 are the routers. And here once again, we have one of the newest Wi-Fi routers, the Google Wifi. The routers use more than one device as wireless access points. It is called the mesh system. Eero is the most popular mesh router systems. And it has got one more competitor now, the Google Wifi routers. It is a multi-point router system that shares a lot of similarities with Eero. According to Google, this Wi-Fi is the hard work of three and half years. It released a router previously and it was called the OnHub. But Google Wifi is entirely different from what Google did before.

Setup and design

This new router merges design along with cloud-based intelligence to ensure that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal without your home. And no matter what the size, construction or thickness of the walls of your house or office is, you will get an excellent signal. Additionally, Google designed it in such a way that you can set it up quickly with just a smartphone and manage the controls remotely. You will also have a secure guest network set up and parental controls.

Price and area coverage

The Google Wifi hit the stores last week. You can but one single piece at the cost of $129, or you can get a combo pack of three at $299. So this is a lot cheaper than the combo box of $499 that you get from Eero. It is even cheaper than the combo box of Netgear that comes at a price of $399. One single unit of Google Wifi can cover an area of 1500 square feet. The three pack combo will offer area coverage of 4500 square feet. If you need more area coverage, then you can add more units. The Google Wifi offers a great balance between speed, coverage, cost, ease of use. And this is why, if you are looking to get a cheap yet brilliant quality router, this one is for you.

Construction of Google Wifi

The design is always a major concern with the routers. Most of the previous routers had bigger designs with large antennas. But the Google Wifi comes with a compact design, an unobtrusive cylinder which can be tucked on a shelf or counter. And most importantly, it does not look like computer equipment within your living room. The Google router is almost twice the size of Eero’s router. It can be best described as the two hockey pucks printed while being stacked upon each other. There is one light between the two pucks. It indicates the status. The blue color is for a set; the white color is for connected. This connection can be disabled with the Google Wi-Fi app.

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On the bottom of the Wi-Fi, there is a unit which is a power port along with two Gigabit Ethernet jacks. One is for the internet connection from broadband, and the other is to attach the hardwired devices. It is the exterior. The Google Wifi needs a network switch for expanding the port selection. It also does not have the USB port for attaching the storage drive for media backups, which a lot of routers offer. This Wi-Fi has AC1200 2*2 wave capabilities. It supports 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac networking. It is secured with the standard WPA2-PSK protocol. Each unit of this router is not great. But if you have multiple points in your house, you won’t need high powered units for each port.

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How to use Google Wi-Fi app

To set up the Wi-Fi, you can do it through the Google Wifi app for the iOS and Android devices. You have to name your network, set up passwords and place the Wi-Fi units throughout your home. It will let you check the network speeds from both ISP to the modem and from Google Wifi to your device. You can test the signal strength of each node. The Google system assist feature will show you all the tips to improve the performance by moving a unit to a different location. It will also show you when the ISP is not functioning.

The app also lets you know the number of devices connected to the network. You can pause on specific devices, prioritize the others and then easily create a guest network. The app also has the basic smart home features. At present, the primary home features are limited to Philips Hue light control. The app will allow remote access to the network. So you will be able to manage the Wi-Fi even when you are not at home. It will hardly take 10 minutes to set up the Google Wifi in your home.

Signal strength

In each room, the router can offer secure wireless connection and enough internet bandwidth for the most demanding streaming needs, even for a 4k video streaming. And you can rest assured that the farthest room will have an average of 90Mbps download speed. It is more than enough to stream the Ultra HD videos. In comparison to Eero, Google router will offer you better coverage of internet speeds. And Orbi might provide a faster internet, but the router units are bigger in size and are not nearly as discreet as Google. Both of them are more expensive than Google.

Access points

Coverage and speeds are not the only factors that matters. The router needs to make sure that all the devices are getting Wi-Fi from the closest access points. The “network assist” feature will help you in moving devices from one location to another, and switching the Wi-Fi channels during congestion. The Wi-Fi app will show which points every device is connected. But it will not let you force the devices from hoping into one another. Well, you need to be sure whether you should invest in the mesh routers or a good single router will cover for you. It will depend on your home and wireless needs. If you face any issues with standard routers, then you can opt for this one.

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Final verdict

Google Wifi is not the “fastest,” but it performs better than many other routers of Eero and Orbi. And it is also cheaper than both the routers. The Google router offers you a reliable internet connection to stream 4K video in every room. The Wi-Fi signal is strong despite multiple devices connected to it. The overall performance of Google is better including the maintenance and cost. It is an easier system to use. And an ideal choice for someone who is looking for an improved Wi-Fi experience. Even the troubleshoot issues in this Wi-Fi are easy to handle if you are not physically connected to the network. It is just the perfect extension of Google OnHub, and the mesh system can cover more challenging areas with a strong signal.

Update – [Typo Mistake: Eero mistakenly was written as Euro. Added Eero website link in the first paragraph]

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