Google Will Make Things Difficult For Samsung Bixby

Samsung is going to start a new chapter when it reveals the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S8. March 29th is the date folks. But Google might become a problem for Samsung Bixby. Why is that? Before we get to the reason, there are few things we need to analyze.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first phone to come with the smart assistant Bixby. You can activate Bixby by pressing a dedicated button on the side of Galaxy S8. It has got an excellent pedigree, and the feature comes from Viv, the AI Startup which Samsung bought in October 2016. Samsung claims it to be more powerful than Siri.

Apple bought Siri in 2010 and created a better version of it. Now Siri can connect to other services of the phone. Samsung Bixby can do the same things. Samsung Bixby might be better than any other digital assistants in the market. Because it can link with more apps on your mobile. According to Samsung, “Bixby will be able to support almost every task that the application is capable of performing.” All you have to do is just press the button and give the command. Bixby can make a call immediately.

Is Samsung Bixby better than Google Assistant?

Samsung S Voice could tell the time and do other essential tasks like showing the weather or adding an appointment to the calendar. But Google Voice assistant is much better than all these. So how is Bixby better than Google Assistant? Samsung Bixby will not need to learn a set of fixed commands. It has got strong natural language processing abilities.

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While some analysts are of the opinion that Samsung Bixby might struggle in front of Google Assistant. The reason is AI needs data and time to improve. Viv created Samsung Bixby. It was founded in 2012. So it is hard for the company to gather data from commercial products before 2012.

But Google can crunch data for 20 years and has got a huge volume of data than its rival. Others say in 2014, Bixby might have made an agreement with Google to not compete with each other on certain digital services. Any of the company didn’t release the details of the deal.

Also, more than 20% of the people use voice searches in Google mobile for searching. It means you might press Samsung’s home button and speak up to Google because you are habituated in doing it for the last 3-4 years. Still, we believe, if Bixby can do what Samsung claims, it will give Google a tough competition. Samsung can then transfer this technology for other devices like Speakers, TVs, and refrigerators.

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