Google Unveiled Google Home and Google Wi-Fi

Google Home:

Google Home is a little white, rounded obelisk meant to sit in people’s homes and listen out for when they talk about it. When they do, it can fire out information or play media, according to what people ask for.

Google Home

Voice Control Smart Hub

Google Home help you control devices at home. Google Home can regulate Smart Home Devices like Tubelights, SmartTV, etc. It connects with Next, Philips, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT. You can manage everyday tasks using voice. It can create a shopping list for you that too using your voice. It will also support Chromecast as well. Google Home can play songs and even supports YouTube Music and other audio streaming services. But it does not support Apple Music. It also supports play music, podcasts and casting audio from your smartphone. Netflix will soon support voice-casting via Chromecast on Google Home. In case you have too many Google Home devices, only the right device will respond. If Google Home doesn’t find an answer to your question, it refers to other sources on the Internet, making it sure that you get your answer!

It might look to make more of a case for why people will want to bring it into their house. Amazon has had its echo on sale for a long time. And there are rumors that Apple is going to bring out its own Siri companion Smart Hub. Given that Google has already revealed this, they’ll presumably have to announce a release date at the new event. Amazon’s Echo took the best part of two years to go on sale anywhere outside of the US, presumably because of the extra work needed to make the content local.

Google Home

Google Home

The company has announced that its intelligent speaker will be available from November 4 in the US, with pre-orders starting today, for $129. Home comes in seven different colours, with a free six-month trial of YouTube Red, the new subscription model. Google Home will cast audio from Android and iOS Devices. And you have Google’s inbuilt Google Assistant as well.

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Google Wi-Fi:

Google Home

Google Wi-Fi

The Google Wi-Fi is a voice-controlled speaker that can play songs, news and podcasts, as well as stream from iOS and Android devices. It can also be used to control a Chromecast and stream directly to a TV. When you know want to watch, just ask for it, said Google. The modular WiFi boxes can connect to cover a whole home. It also comes with Network Assist which optimises signal for you, placing you on the right channel as you move around the house and as channels become overloaded.

With the Google WiFi app, you can manage what devices have connectivity at any given time so that parents can pause their kids’ devices during dinner. For example, the Home speaker is powered by the Google’s AI Assistant that can pull information from the internet, find shops and restaurants, and schedule your day for you. Google wifi- Single pack $129, and 3 pack $299. Will be up for preorder in November, sale in December. Starts at $129.

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