GoPro Hero5 Black: The Game Changer – Review

So the final wait is over with the launch of a new GoPro Hero5 Black. It’s a new 4K action camera with significant changes from the previous GoPros after two long years. This time there is no GoPro Hero5 Silver like there used to be previously. Instead, the black version combines the best features of both editions with 4K video recording and a much needed two-inch touch screen.

Design and Build:

GoPro Hero 5 Camera

GoPro Hero5 Camera

This time the GoPro is waterproof out of the box, so no need to buy external waterproof housing like the previous models. Even the silver faceplate is now replaced with a matte black rubberized cover making it look more rugged than the old ones. It is a dominant waterproof up to 33 feet, and the touch screen is also operational underwater. The main highlight of the Hero5 is the much-awaited touch display. This makes the user interface more intuitive and easy. The Hero5 still has the one button control. The led indicator has been moved towards the back of the device making it more convenient to see. The front has the same monochrome display to display the recording information. There is a small, protective casing around the lens, and it’s now swappable. It thus makes it a lot easier to replace if the lens gets scuffed up.

All GoPro mounts are compatible with the Hero5 Black, and the camera also works with the new GoPro karma drone, it’s shaping up to be the best way to shoot 4K aerial footage with super smooth video. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the DJI Mavic Pro.

This time the replaceable Li-ion battery is slightly better than the previous one, with a capacity of 1222omAh. Hero5 has a USB type C connector for charging and data syncing. This makes it more advanced and faster than the older models and few other action cameras in the market.

Hero5 also has voice control making it more user-friendly and easy to use. With the voice control, we can ask the Hero5 to kale photos or start or stop a recording. This was a much-needed feature.

Video and Photo quality:

GoPro Hero 5 Camera

GoPro Hero5 Camera

Hero5 can record up to 4K at 30fps with the added feature of long overdue image stabilization. It can also do 1080p at 60fps or 30fps. This time the new linear mode has less barrel distortion and better quality. The camera has the same 12 megapixels but with better optics and dynamic range. Hero5 touts professional grade low-light performance, ultra-sharp image quality, and video stabilization. It also shoots 12MP photos, can capture RAW and HDR-like wide-dynamic range photos (WDR) and includes your GPS location on all media. There’s stereo sound on this camera and pretty advanced wind noise reduction built-in. The wind noise reduction and low light were a much-needed feature.

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The ability to cancel out wind noise is a welcoming feature as it will result in better sound quality with much less sound bleeding and distortion. It uses four microphones to obtain crystal clear audio for videos, and with the active noise cancellation feature, it helps in smooth video feedback. The images are saved in RAW and WDR format. The GPS feature is a bonus as now we can geotag photos and video. But the GPS is only limited to the tagging feature of location. This is also a very welcoming change brought out by GoPro.

GoPro Hero5 Black Price:

Hero5 is priced at $499 which is a bit lower than the Hero 4. Giving all the and the exact new specs and upgrades, it’s a great deal. It will soon be available in India priced at around Rs. 30,000.

Given this price bracket, it will not be facing much of competition from other action cameras and 360 cameras.

Final Verdict:

Looking at the new features and specs the Hero5 black is a major win in this segment. The full option for resolutions and camera option gives it an edge over all other small action cameras. The whole waterproof build and the rugged nature makes it a more appealing deal for adventurers and sports enthusiast. This time GoPro Hero5 Black comes with a broader set of mounts and this it can be used in any way possible thus making it the new holy grail of action 4K cameras.

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