GoPro Karma Grip Handheld Stabilizer Launched At $299

So, once again the GoPro comes up with a brand new camera accessory. It is the GoPro Karma grip. It is available in the market. The camera maker announced that the handheld stabilizer is out for sale in selected stores. You will get the GoPro handheld stabilizer for $299. It is just the same handheld grip that shipped with Karma drone. The drone was recalled for battery issues. The Karma Grip is directly competing with the DJI Osmo. Both of them offer distinct advantages. Both the products were taken to South Korea and then put them through paces. Here is what they found out.

GoPro Karma Grip is better than DJI Osmo?

The DJI Osmo offers much more control. It is what the video enthusiasts will love. A lot of video enthusiasts love it. But the GoPro Karma Grip is much better. It offers a superior quality when it is added with the hero 5. The Karma Grip is sturdier than the DJI Osmo. The Karma Grip will even dig out the old GoPro cameras. Karma Grip offers much more stability, and this is what makes the difference in picture qualities.

But Karma Grip does not come with a camera

But a distinct factor of Karma Grip is it does not ship with the camera. Instead, it is available at the cost of $299. And you have to get your camera. It works with both Hero 5 and Hero 4 with silver and black. According to GoPro, the Hero 5 session will be compatible with the Karma Grip in the mid of 2017. The Karma Grip also comes with a huge number of accessories. At $299, the Karma Grip is an excellent value for those who already have Hero 4 camera. But on a price of $299 above, the cost of GoPro camera value diminishes. Because the price of Hero 5 is $399.

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The accessories you will get

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The GoPro is yet to release an official statement about when the Karma Drones will be available. But till now it has recalled the Karma drones for dealing with battery issues. The GoPro Karma Grip comes up with a case when you purchase. Next year the company will also release an extension cable. In case you don’t want the cord, then you can also use the mounting ring that is provided along with it. It can be said that GoPro has given a lot of thought to it. And this is what makes the Karma Grip so convenient to use. It comes with everything you need for an adventure. You just have to get your camera. A lot of people are of the opinion that Karma Grip is Go Pro’s hope in bouncing back.

Karma Grip is better than Hero 5

Since the Karma Grip comes with a stabilizer, the picture quality is far better than cameras without stabilizers. Since the Hero 5 comes at a price of $399, combined with a $299 stabilizer, it will be a bit expensive to take up high-quality pictures. But fortunately for those who were affected by the Karma drone battery issues, the GoPro offered a free Hero 5. And this will replace the Karma done.

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