Here Is What You Should Know About IPhone 8 ! Check Out!

A very reliable analyst of Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo has some predictions for the iPhone of 2017. He claims that a major redesign would be seen in the year 2017 and he would drop the iconic aluminum case and would use an all-glass enclosure along with AMOLED screen. However, it wouldn’t have a major overhaul.


As per a report, Ming Chi Kuo is of the belief that it would be moving to an all-glass enclose and aluminum would be dropped completely. Apart from that the new glass phone would be having an AMOLED display panel which would be thinner and lighter and it would be compensating for a slight increase in weight.

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Recently, the predictions of Ming Chi Kua are always quite accurate. Recently, Apple stated that iPhones would be having a 3 year life expectancy and so would Apple watch. The numbers are in accordance with the strategy of Apple to roll out the OS updates to older devices and also hardware to replace older units.

For instance, iPhone SE was launched recently which has a similar design like iPhone 5S. This  can be upgraded from new iOS 9 and next 3 years of iOS updates which iPhone 5s wouldn’t be able to do.

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