Hexagon: Bike Camera That Converts Your Smartphone Into Rearview Mirror

When it is about riding a bicycle, visibility is a critical factor. Not only it is important that the other vehicles can see the bike, but it is also very crucial that the bikes can see other cars right at their behind. Yes, there are arrangements of rear view mirrors on the handbars of bikes. But those mirrors do not provide the images right at the back. Those mirrors show the sides of the motorcycle. Hexagon is going to change this perception.

A new startup company Smart Bike solved this problem. The Hexagon is a great addition regarding the safety concerns for a motorcycle. It is an all in one package that comes with a tail light, a rear-view camera, brake lights, turn indicator and much more. In this way, everyone can see the biker’s intentions and even the biker can see everyone.

The features of Hexagon

The hexagon is a camera. It comes with a handlebar where you can mount your smartphone. The Hexagon camera connects a smartphone app, and the function is just like a lively camera. Yes, there are other tail-light and camera combos, but hexagon brings something extra. It will show you the live stream rides, track the fitness activity and also the distance travelled. One best addition of Hexagon is, it can tell if you get into an accident. It will immediately notify your emergency contact.

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Few exciting additions in hardware include automatic turn and braking lights and a manual control ring for the handlebar. You will also get a 6000mAH power bank. It will let you charge your phone when you are not biking. Hexagon will come at a price of $99. It is not exactly cheap. If you are looking for a bit cheaper version, then you can opt for the light model that comes at a price of $75.

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Additional safety measures and notifications

The Smart Bike startup will launch the Hexagon next week. For ease of use, they attached the camera directly to the seat of your bike. It comes with a quick release system. It makes sure the riders can carry the device with them for preventing theft and charging it. Apart from using the camera as a video for visibility, you can as save it to the SD card. In the case of an accident, the sensors detect it. The app will send a notification.

If the rider does not respond within 10 seconds, it will send a text message to any family and friends who are there for emergency contacts. They will get the GPS coordinates of the rider’s location. Even if you don’t record the video, Hexagon will automatically buffer the last few minutes’ footage. If a driver from behind causes a crash, the camera can prove it.

With a full charge, the Hexagon will last for three hours in two batteries. You can double this time if you buy two more batteries. The device with four batteries will cost you $129 to $179 depending on the models you choose.

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